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Shady Blue


Fusion of Soul,Jazz & R&B (Afrocentric Jazz)



Singer-songwriter Shady Blue is one of the hottest new talents to emerge from the London music scene. Her unique vocal style blends the best of Soul/R&B/Jazz and Afro (her native African sound) forming music that will truly inspire a generation. She teams up with US producer / songwriter Kayo to create a new unique sound.

Shady was born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa and moved to London as a teenager. She was influenced by her father’s music during her early years, a renowned jazz musician /producer in Nigeria & Atlanta. At the tender age of six (6) Shady started to sing at her local church, when 8, became lead singer of the church choir, delivered exceptional three part-harmonies and captured audiences with her soothing voice/ wide vocal range (Alto, soprano and tenor).

Shady Blue is not only a talented vocalist, but also writes, co-produces and arranges her music with instrumentation alongside producer Kayo.

With her sultry looks, unique style, infectious charm and hard work, she is destined to become one of the biggest stars emerging from the UK music scene.

Shady regularly performs to large audiences, local clubs, and musical piers and appears regularly on National TV. Shady Blue exudes confidence and style.

• Church Choir at age 6
• Was a member of a 10-piece modern gospel group called Citizen K
• Was also a member of an Afro Hip-Hop Group called JJC & 419 Squad
• Was the lead singer of her girl group called Quali-tee which she founded
• Appeared with well known artists on CDUK, Top of the Pops, The Parkinson’s Show…
• Performed at the MOBO Awards with Citizen K
• Performed at the Nigerian Carnival 2007 (30,000 people)
• Debut Single ‘Permission To Please’ play listed on Choice FM (No. 1 Station for Hip Hop and R&B: 96.9fm &107.1fm
• Performed at well known venues such as the
The Royal Albert Hall, The Royal Opera House, The Alexandra Palace, Oceans The Afro Hair & Beauty Show, Afro Hollywood Awards, Various Jazz Bars in London, Various Beauty Pageants, Sound Bar & Café, Support act to well-known artists…
- Song (Permission to Please) Play listed on London’s No 1 Station for Hip Hop and R&B Choice fm (96.9 & 107.1fm)
- Song (Permission to Please) has been in the top 10 Charts for over a month on Metro Paper’s MEmusic website
- Shady Blue Performed at the Nigerian Carnival with over 45, 000 attendees.

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Written By: Shady Blue


Written by Shady Blue © June 2006

Oooohhh, Aaaahhh, Your Body,
Close to my Body,
Making me so High,
Make me wana dabadoo…
Oooohhh, Aaaahh, Your Loving,
Oooohhh I wana scream,
Making me wana fly
Makes me wana dabadadoo…

Verse 1
Do you want me? Or do you wanna love me,
Tell me something I wanna Know
Divinely were reaching that place,
Your loving is what I need
I want you to cook it for me,
I want you bake it for me,
I want you to roast it for me,
Like it hot & steamy

Verse 2
Let me take you
To that place you’ve never ever been before,
Now youre her in my arms
Spiritually were growing, cus this is real
Emotions grow, we losing ourselves,
I want you to cook it for me,
I want you bake it for me,
I want you to roast it for me,
Like it hot & steamy

Bridge / Middle 8
Slowly hold me (Take me baby)
Love me; touch me (To those places)
Take me baby
Wana be your lady


Permission To Please playlisted on London's No 1 Station for Hip Hop & R&B - Choice FM (96.9/107.1fm).
Been onthe playlist for many months and still on the playlist...
Permission to Please also on Metro's MEmusic top 10 Charts

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25 Minutes: Original Songs: 4-piece Jazz Fusion BAND