Shady Deal

Shady Deal


Phantom riders patrol the darkness, sabers drawn. Chainsaw guitars scream in the night and church organ moans like a fat country girl in love. Drums thunder-roll like the circus from hell is coming to town. -Jim Dickinson


Tastes in music come from all over this country, and the world. Many musicians have migrated to parts of the country to absorb influences that they have encountered. So is the story with Shady Deal. Four boys from the boot heel migrated to Mississippi. Although other factors such as education and a music scene that embraced blues, southern rock, funk, as well as others influenced their decision. Before the boys got down to Oxford, MS. They had never heard of R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Beanland, and their off springs. The next generation has kept the sound alive.

Shady Deal was formed and began playing bars in 2002. Shady Deal was a quartet at their inception, but they were introduced to a keyboardist named James Pendley shortly after their arrival in Oxford and soon they had become a quintet force with which to be reckoned. The boys then played enough up and down I-55, so they bought a van to live and travel in. A few days after, Jesse Hammock met Jim Dickinson at the Zebra Ranch, being introduced by Shady Deal’s Uncle Bob Camp. After refining their sound for a year or so, the guys entered the studio with legendary producer Jim (who had worked with the likes of the Stones, Big Star, Bob Dylan, Ry Cooder, and his bad sons the North Mississippi AllStars). Dickinson to record their first album, THE LIFT. Following its release, Shady Deal embarked on a nationwide tour to support the album, but always coming home to the south. Free beer and hauling around speakers were in the past and the band developed their own sound apparent in their sophomore album THE RINGER, also produced by Dickinson, at the same time embracing their influences since they was in high school.

In January of 2007, Shady Deal parted ways with James in order to allow him the time he needed to take over the family business. In a strange way, the departure of James ignited a spark within the original members that has given them renewed vigor and ass-kicking attitude. Will Shady Deal take on a 5th member? Maybe. For now, they are still experimenting with life as a four-piece and will not be actively seeking a replacement for James. In any case, Shady Deal will capitalize on this opportunity and will be a better band because of it.

Since their humble beginnings in the flatlands of southeast Missouri, Shady Deal has blossomed into one of the hardest working and hardest rocking bands in the circuit. The fellas have shared the stage with the Black Crowes, North Mississippi AllStars, Shooter Jennings, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Stockholm Syndrome, and backing Duwayne Burnside are a few of their musical accomplishments. On paper their career has seen 442 shows logged, 160 venues, 17 States, 11 Festivals, and 2 Albums Produced by Jim Dickinson. The release of their sophomore effort and the completion in Shady Deal’s pursuance of education will bring around a full touring schedule promoting their new record. Shady Deal’s heavy southern rock sound has folks going away smiling while others are scared. You decide.


"The Lift" - 2004 Produced by Jim Dickinson
"The Ringer"- 2007 Produced by Jim Dickinson

Radio Airplay for “The Ringer” – Shady Deal

Satellite Radio:
Siruis Jam_ON 17 Tickled Lush – Heavy Rotation
Internet Radio:
Pick of the week – 2/6/07 - - “The Ringer”
Cincinnati, OH – Live 365 Radio – - Faulkner

FM Radio:
St. Louis, MO - KDHX 88.1 FM – Cleo Wright
Augusta, ME - WMHB/Colby College 89.7 FM – Ragweed Summer
Morristown, NJ – WNTI 91.9 FM – Intro>End Like This & Admission
Auburn, AL - WQNR ‘The Rock’ 99.9 FM – Faulkner – Heavy Rotation
Chattanooga, TN 88.1 FM WUTC/ University of Tennessee – Intro > End Like This
Portland, OR - KBOO 90.7 FM – Intro > End Like This, Hurricane & Tickled Lush
Traverse City, MI - WOAS 88.5 FM – My Son

Set List

The Shady Deal setlist rotates nightly. Mostly original's with a few great covers in between. These are a few songs you might here during a show.

•Lonesome Rows
•Lonesome, Arony, & Mean
•Less Ressistance
•My Admission
•Cleo Wright
•My Son
•Ragweed Summer
•Future City
•End Like This
•Prince of Peace
•Road goes on 4-ever
•Al Green
•Mama Said
•Time to Play
•Anna Lee
•Percy Jones
•The Lift
•Move Up North
•Tickled Lush

•Hurricane – Levon Helm
•Mystery Train – Paul Butterfield
•Never Been to Spain – Hoyt Axton
•Cold Ice Water - ?
•Bayou That Ring – ?
•Atlantic City – The Boss
•Good Hearted Women – Waylon Jennings
•Eminence Front – The Who
•Rooster – Alice n’ Chains
•Up on Cripple Creek – The Band
•Down in Mississippi – R.L. Burnside
•Mr. Charlie – Grateful Dead
•Big Boss Man – Grateful Dead