Shadygruve has developed a sonic architecture that pushes over the edge of genre into something new. Their influences, ranging from traditional jewish and irish music to neo-classical compositions to funk and trance, coalesce under the spirit of improv into what has been called trance-grass fusion.


Born in 2002, shadygruve has gained a following of fans around arkansas, oklahoma, and tennessee, and will no doubt continue spreading farther. The music has evolved from its organic roots to embrace electronic gear and all things psychedelic. Their original songs are sometimes simplistic and true and sometimes metrically patterned streams of consciousness that mimic the language of our minds. Shadygruve is an experience shared by musicians and fans alike. Their happiness is contagious.

Set List

Typical sets are ranging from traditional bluegrass to Irish jigs to our own spin on popular cover songs.

Sets can be from 45 minutes to 2 hours.