Shady Lane

Shady Lane


We are all best friends and we share the same love for punk/rock music, but most of all we share the same love for God and His purpose for our lives. Our "theme song" is titled "No Reserve" and talks about living life with no reserve and no retreat, so we can die with no regrets.


Our music is heavily influenced by bands like Relient K, Run Kid Run, Switchfoot, and the like. We have a heavy rock feel with some punk thrown in there for fun. Our lyrics are influenced by our own experiences, our walks with God, and our love for others. I'd say the thing that sets us apart from other bands is probably that we are all in college, our singer is a double major, we are all involved in Christian ministry somehow, and are all heavily involved in leading worship with other bands outside of our own. So when we have time to play together, our passion from all those other activities and our love for Christ fuels our music and our love to play it. Overall we want to glorify Him in all that is done.


We are in the middle of recording our first EP right now, and obviously have nothing on the air. We are definitely undiscovered but we are working on recording a cd.

Set List

Our typical set list consists of the songs Overcome Complacency, Getting to the Point, No Reserve, Bide My Time, Words, and Waiting For You. Her Razor is a song we throw in there sometimes. We have about 6 other songs in the works right now.