Shadyside Allstars

Shadyside Allstars

 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Shadyside expresses the sensibilities of modern songwriting with the momentum of vibrant musicianship. The Allstars mesh a diverse background of technicality, melody and an infectious, high-energy atmosphere turning every show into an unforgettable performance!


Formed in February 2002, the Shadyside Allstars have persistently risen above the stale expectations of music lovers as they offer an inimitable approach to live performance. Their songwriting sensibilities merge melody, technicality and an infectious atmosphere inciting citizens to stand up and take notice. Charles Tidd of the IUPUI Sagamore agrees stating, “The sound is full of rich, warm guitar tones that favor the Allman Brothers and Santana; the three-piece rhythm section drives a thick groove that is tight and relentless.” The Allstars shed the myth that inflections captured in the studio need be performed note for note, night after night.

Shadyside employs this proficiency capturing the audience‘s attention through solid structure and vibrant improvisation. Known for well-rehearsed stage performances, the Allstars simultaneously astonish crowds with unpredicted melodies, harmonies and rhythm-based jams. Kristen Leep of Indianapolis Music.Net writes, “They are a talented, feel-good band that write strong songs, improvise well, but always a have a focus.” This funky, jam band momentum sparks rapport with multitudes of enthusiastic, energetic listeners. As spontaneous melodies soar over rooted grooves, the Allstars’ purpose prevails: a fan base grows.

As attested by’s Top Ten Most Booked Bands, the Allstars are currently working to promote themselves throughout the Midwest. Whether participating in conferences, charity events or festivals, Shadyside remains diligent in disseminating its merchandise of good times and great music. Please visit for more information including live dates and audio downloads!


Troubadour Stu

Written By: Shadyside Allstars

I got da Big Montana with da Horsey Sauce on the side
I got a soap dish
kickin' inside my ride
Do you
well we do
the Shadyside crew
beats so damn thick
you could never see through
steadily givin' the melody-driven Troubadour Stu
what me and Aaron Manka straight came to do
ha ha
well J & C yo they are the jury
and i'm about ta give my funky testimony
'cause I'm a Deadhead
with a thick spread
as I make my way through
you'll be groovin' to the sounds of my I-82

How about Troubadour Stu
Rollin' like a stone man he's always on the move
Who we talkin' 'bout? Stu

How about Troubadour Stu
When he hits the dance floor man he's nuthin' but groove
Who we talkin' 'bout? Stu

I got the triple-phat K-A-N-G-O-L hat
with crocodile boots
shit be goin' down like that
yo, Pooky, turn off the alarm
you got zapped!
cheeseballs on ya arm
I said the one, the one eye, the one eye spiel
he's narcoleptic
he falls asleep at the wheel
Hey bubbles!
ya foamin' at the mouth again
i took a picture, so let me begin
Peter Rabbit's gotta have it
on the courthouse lawn
and we be up and gone
just before dawn
so put me in Coach
'cause i'm ready to play
i'm lookin' suave in my brand new blades


What's the skinny you ask?
What's the HAPs on the craps?
Think you can take on this crew?!
AWWWW, Snaps!



Coffee Sleeves

Written By: Shadyside Allstars

i'm not so sure that i can weather
a capricious storm
free to outrun my very own shadow
unspeakable form
winter freeze!
controls this chilly breeze
aggravated feelings always tuggin' on my sleeve
but i swallow my pride

(inexplicable spoken word)

i'm not so sure that i can deliver
a temporate norm
free to transform my very own figure
unbearably warm
alarming fear
controls these sounds i hear
confusing situation ever drawing them so near
but i wallow inside


it's all over now
it's all over now
comfortable confines
designs for the times
pants hanging out to dry

it's all over now
it's all over now
soiled affairs
waiving all rights to care
a chance to breathe fresh air


"Live @ The Spin" - 2007*
"Shadyside Allstars" - 2009*

*Streaming tracks @, and

Set List

Original Tunes:
Deep Rolling Water
Troubadour Stu
Stellar Cove
Odd Peter
Coffee Sleeves
I Knew This Day Would Come
Time to Get iL
Snakehead Cane

Pretzel Logic - Steely Dan
Breathe/Home - Pink Floyd
Have A Cigar - Pink Floyd
Sanford & Son Theme
Rebubula - moe.
Cissy Strut - The Meters
Hotten Tot - John Scofield
Night Court Theme
Sublime - Doin' Time

Sets are typically 1hr 15min - 3 hours depending upon venue and event. The main focus of the live show is to surprise as well as amaze the audience with the performance of smooth transitions, soaring melodies and get-your-butt-up-and-move rhythms. Known for hooking fans at first listen, the Allstars incorporate witty renditions of teases throughout their original set. Although Shadyside is versatile enough to share the stage with multiple acts, they can also run the evening solo to keep people groovin' all night long!