Shadz of RED

Shadz of RED

 New York City, New York, USA
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Shadz of Red

A Seminole force in the indie rock scene happening in Brooklyn, Shadz of Red stands apart by fusing gender bending with a kind of soulfulness that hasn’t been around the indie scene in a long time. Front woman and songwriter, Karlene “Shadz” Williams, leads her band with a blend of sexy soulfulness that attracts all. Solid as a rock on Bass is Pam “Baassik” Jennet with an eclectic blend of styles. The young veteran of dance bands, Hip Hop producer and lead guitarist DrewVOX lends us his experience as Soul and R&B musician. Rounding off the group are vocalists Kymbali Craig and Jodi Miller. Both are critically acclaimed and add their energy and style to the band. The combination of musicians creates one of the foremost musical forces you can find on stage today.

“Shadz is one of the most creative and original bands you will ever hear that doesn’t forget their old school influences.”
- B.M.U.R.

“The main philosophy behind the music is that all styles and views are valid and can be mixed together. We may be a rock band, but, we are all influenced by Funk, R&B, Hip Hop, Soul…and we sound like it. Many people compare us to the Rolling Stones, Hendrix, Cream…the rock you hear today is more or less pure energy, but, the 60s and 70s rock bands all listened to old blues and soul music. You can hear the influence if you’re paying attention. The Rolling Stones and The Beatles covered Motown songs. I think we’ve more than proved that you can blend Rock with Blues, Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Acoustic Ballads, etc. and nothing sounds out of place. The critics agree.”

-Andy “DrewVOX” Zuercher

Because gigs came fast, Shadz of Red started basically as a singer/songwriter (Karlene) with a backup band. The intention, however, was to have all of the other band members also shine as individuals while still basing the music around Karlene’s songs. This was difficult for some time due to rotating personnel and a lack of time between gigs. It wasn’t until there was a stable group of musicians in the band that Karlene’s true vision for her band would finally hit the stage. Now, known as one of “Brooklyn’s Hottest Underground”, they’re hitting the big stages, shitting down clubs, and making real noise in the music industry.

Set List

Testify,Fake Ones, My Bitch,Maybe, Kymbali's Song, Sugar, Rescue Me, Signs of Life, While Drinking, I believe in Love. Each Song is 3-5mins in total time.