Shae Fiol

Shae Fiol

 New York City, New York, USA

Shae Fiol is known and remembered by her vibrant live performances. Her debut album features Grammy winners Stuart Matthewman (Sade) and Rockwilder (Lady Marmalade).


Singer/songwriter Shae Fiol is one of the most exciting new artists to emerge in 2009 from the NYC area. Her debut album "Catch a Ride" is getting rave reviews, featuring collaborations with Grammy winners Stuart Matthewman (Sade, Maxwell), and Rockwilder(Moulin Rouge, Beyonce). Her unique acoustic Latin Soul sound is captivating and refreshing and her voice embodies the magic and power of a summer rainbow. Shae was recently named a finalist for Best New Artist of 2009 by SoulTracks online magazine. Her songs can be heard on and Music Choice.

A native of Oregon, Shae has been living and performing in the NYC area for the last few years. She has shared the stage with India Arie, Dwele, Eric Roberson, Esthero, and Van Hunt.

With India Arie
All of the Above
Let Down - preshow warmup


Catch A Ride

Written By: Music & Lyrics by Shae Fiol

catch a ride on a star
though i'll probably go to far
catch a ride on a dream
though everybody's goin the other way
what I wouldn't do for a tough,
for a smell, for a taste
whether I succeed or I fail
I'll hail the glowing trace
of my comet's tail

I wanted to gobut I wasn't really sure
how I was gonna get there
and how I was gonna float
I moved here on a whim thinking I could swim
I used up all my gold and my resources were thin
as clever as I am I tried a headstand
to try and gain some perspective
that's when I chose to follow my nose
and it said you're headed in the right direction

catch a ride on a star...

ain't no time to waste there's always
a reason to hesitate so I'll
catch a ride on a star

I want to be out there far away
as far away as the sun lives

It's not Easy

Written By: Shae Fiol

he could not remember a time when life was sane
he was a minor when he decided he had a war to brave
they shipped him out to be our savior
a thousand deaths, one romance, one child later
he was all grown up and beaten down
no friends in town
he tried serving the local law
but could not forget the horrors he saw
and the woman he thought would be by his side
got lost in her own fight
he had to run far away with his son to start a new life again

it's not easy

as a young woman she sought to change the world
there was a lover who took her under made her feel like a girl
the drama came when the bottle had surfaced
he was way too deep and soon to drown
she wanted to save him
she poured her love into his heart
hoping it would lead him out of the dark
it was not her choice to make for him
he had to decide to choose life
her valiant effort was made with love but was made in vain

it's not easy

to be a lioness that serves the light
to have the courage of a righteous knight
to find the voice of your truth inside

it's not easy

Lonely, Lovely

Written By: Shae Fiol

If there ever was or will be a man
that fits me it's you
mybe we'll never comprehend
what it was we couldn't do
but it's what we had
that somehow fell through
that haunts me
and we both admit it's true

when I'm lonely, you're lovely

I keep you in my mind like a jury in deliberation
subject to appeal
subject to rejection
whatever verdict we reach
the truth comes down to motive
and it's two lovers
stealing from each other
the reality is much too sordid
when I'm lonely you're lovely

do we find the circumstance
to be just one night
just one dance
let's say now and again
that we can be
more than just friends
when we're lonely

when I'm lonely you're lovely


Catch A Ride
A Woman's Presence
Lonely, Lovely

Set List

1. Catch A Ride

2. All of the Above
3. Lonely, Lovely

4. Woman's Presence

5. Lifeless

6. Embrace
7. King

8. It's not Easy

9. Let Down

Sets are typically 45-60 minutes long, usually performs one or 2 sets.
Many covers, especially Latin, soul, pop, and mariachi, depending upon audience