Vero Beach, Florida, USA

ShaeLaurel has thrilled audiences all over the world with their amazing musical talent and dazzling showmanship. Performing a unique blend of fast-fiddling Irish, americana and contemporary music, ShaeLaurel’s stage show features a blend of musical acrobatics, clogging and Irish Step dance.


ShaeLaurel has thrilled audiences all over the world with their amazing talent and dazzling showmanship. Each show features a blend of musical acrobatics and traditional Irish step and American dance fusing vibrant new music with traditional Celtic, Pop, and American favorites. The band started 8 years ago as a project to bring the family closer together and has since bloomed into an internationally acclaimed sensation. Each member plays multiple instruments and together they have performed thousands of shows from The International Music Festival in Shanghai, China and Downtown Dublin, Ireland; to Disney in Orlando, FL and the Calgary Stampede, Calgary, Canada. With a growing number of fans worldwide, ShaeLaurel has produced 8 CDs and several DVDs over the last 10 years. ShaeLaurel’s fun and comedic stage show has thrilled audiences around the world. Featured on regional television and radio shows as well as international programs and ABC TV, ShaeLaurel reaches out to audiences of all ages with heart-stopping performances that will leave you wanting more!
The Members:
Andy (21) has been fascinated with instruments ever since he was small. With a knack for finding new instruments and new ways to play them, Andy has a large posse of instruments around him all the time. On stage he enjoys playing Guitar, Mandolin, banjo, violin, electric guitar, bodhran and tin whistle. Like the rest of his siblings, Andy started his classical training 13 years ago. This strong basis in music has fed his vibrant talent and shows in his multi-instrumental virtuosity.

Jessica (20) has been performing since before she could walk. Her sparkling personality and soaring voice continue to bring the audience to their feet. Her early classical training started at the tender age of six and her training has since been carried on by musicians, singers and dancers from all over the world. Now a teacher in her own right, Jessica is a world- class musician known for her passionate vocals, fast fiddling and graceful dancing on stag. She is also the songwriter and lyricist for the group.

Kathryn (19), is the sassy lead fiddler and Celtic harpist. Feisty on stage and off, she brings crowds to their feet with her flair for dance and stunning musicianship. Ever since she started playing the violin (14 years ago) she has instinctively moved with the music and has been dancing for as long as she can remember. She has been playing the Celtic Harp for four years, and loves every style of music.

A fiddler from the age of 3, Christian switched to drums at 11 to keep the band in time. Within months, representatives from Ludwig saw him on stage and immediately supplied him with his first drum kit. Now at 17, his love of music and his engaging performance style constantly bring him center stage to sing and play the music alive in his heart.

Janet, known simply as 'Mom' to most people, is the backbone of the family. She picked up the acoustic bass when the kids decided to form the band. Andrew, an accomplished jazz pianist, widely published composer and solo pop artist, learned to play the bagpipes and guitar to join the family on the road.

On tour now, ShaeLaurel is changing the world one stage at a time. They just released their 8th CD and continue to enjoy enthusiastic audience responses everywhere they play. With a core group of fans growing world wide, the band continues its journey...



Written By: ShaeLaurel

In the darkest part of night
I can feel your light
A glimmer in the dark
A tiny hopeful spark

They can’t tear you from the sky
And pin you on their wall
You don’t even need to try
Follow your call

The way you are
You put the stars to shame
Don’t play that game
Pretending you don’t care what they say
You were meant to free
Made to go far
Shine the way you are

Twinkle in the dark
Nurse your growing spark
You are all alight
Brighter than the night

It don’t matter what they say
They can never take away your flame
You’re not who you are today
Because of what they made

So Shine
The way you are
You put the stars to shame
Don’t play that game
Pretending you don’t care what they say
You were meant to free
Made to go far
Shine the way you are


ShaeLaurel has released 8 CDs and 3 DVDs. Most of the tracks are available in many online locations. The CD titles are:
Across America
Hey Diddle Diddle
Kat Tales
This Train
Get Together
Irish Roots

Set List

Second of This*
Rocky Top
Bach To You*
Beatles Medley
Morrison's Jig
My Moment*
My Heart Will Go On
Road Before Us*
Peach Blossoms
Dueling Banjos
Drowsy Maggie/ Growling Old Man and Woman
Mozart Medley*
Red is the Rose
Life's A Dance*
Red Haired Boy
Fiddle Chain Boil
Dance To The Beat*
Seminole Wind
Still Shinin’*
Devil Went Down To Georgia
Tullamore Dew*