ShaggStreet is the Funkin Blues Revolution! An ever growing orb of covers and originals expanding at a phenomenal rate. We play everything from classic rock, Funk, blues, reggae, and some jazz.


Shaggstreet originally formed under the name "Justin Time" three years ago. We were influenced by everything from the Allman Brothers to Ween, amongst many originals.
The band originally formed at an impromptu show where Tyler Shea met Luke Balistreri. They began collaborating immediately.
Both had previously played in several bands around the area. Joel Nesbit put down his turntables, picked up the bass, and set the unmistakable groove that is Shaggstreet. Long time friend and percussion genius Zach Jungwirth was soon after enlisted, all that was left was another voice on the six string axe.
Dan Stinson, who has been playing guitar for ten years and played with everyone else over the years joined, and Shaggstreet was complete.

Tyler Shea's influences include Dylan, The Dead, and classic blues players.
Joel Nesbit is largely influenced by sublime, Nofx, and electronic masters Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, and The Chemical Brothers.
Luke Balistreri expands the rhythms of greats such as Dave Grohl and John Bonham.
Dan Stinson has been known to play to the tune of everyone from Kerry King to John Lennon.

Shaggstreet was playing shows within the first few months of jamming together and quickly developed a strong musical bond. Everyone's distinctive music knowledge allowed the band to grow rapidly with little trouble. We have played The Mayfest celebration in Omro with Bobby Evans, Unity, and Diggstown. We also played at the SheaO'lenzky Blues Bash with Sharon Lewis and the Texas Fire, Lil' Ed and The Blues Imperials, along with Copperbox. We have played several benefit shows along the way always trying to help out when we can, performing at "Relay for Life" and other humanitarian events.


Follow Me: T.Shea, L.Balistrieri, J.Nesbit
Before Time: T.Shea, L.Balistrieri, J.Nesbit
Unibrow Tunabun: T.Shea, L.Balistrieri, J.Nesbit

Set List

Sets generally vary from venue to venue. We do anywhere from two hour sets to any other time frame someone requests. We typically budget the total amount of time into three sets. The first being the longest (2 hours), then just slightly shorter for number two (1.25 hours) , and then the grand finale usually is half an hour long.

Covers include music from:

Led Zeppelin
Jimi Hendrix
The Who
The Doors
Pink Floyd
The Big Wu
Eric Clapton
And others, including all other musicians mentioned in the biography/influences section.