Shaina and Dasha

Shaina and Dasha


We are a piano-centric acoustic moody (and sometimes fun) pop female duo (we have band members as well, but primarily just the two of us write and perform) - we love lots of harmonies. We like to create catchy songs that people can latch onto and sing along to. We like to laugh - a lot....mostly at ourselves.


She`s Shaine (pronounced `Shay-Na` and that`s why we`ve decided to spell it Shaina) and I am Dasha (much more simple). We were introduced by a mutual friend who thought that we might be interested in writing some songs together.

It began as a casual relationship, and quickly turned into a bit of a compulsion. Sometimes a song-writing session would turn into a few interesting melodies or an intriguing lyrical line....sometimes it would turn into four complete songs.

Sometimes (most often) we laugh...a lot. Sometimes we even cry....sometimes. Sometimes my dogs sit at our feet and help us play (or intrude on the piano pedals to be more accurate). Whatever the case, it kind of feels a little magical when we get together and compose music.

Stay tuned as we will be posting some almost-live tunes that we recorded with the fabulous Josh Bowman at the even fabulous-er Warehouse Studio in December.

More info and songs to come!