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EP - "Bad Boogie" - Nov. 2005 - (P) CYCO rec. - under exclusive Licence EDEL Records Gmbh

EP - "FonkMe" - Jan. 2006 - (P) CYCO rec. - under exclusive Licence EDEL Records Gmbh

LP - "Loco con da Frenchy Talkin'" - Mar. 2006 (P) CYCO rec. - under exclusive Licence EDEL Records Gmbh

EP - "Hell'O" - Sept. 2006 (P) CYCO rec. - under exclusive Licence EDEL Records Gmbh



People always want to discover the newest hip thing and flirt with trends - many new bands are being sold as ,,unique” and ,,hot”, but rarely bas there been a band that creates their own universe and stringent environment around themselves. SHAKAPONK made that magical step and lept from being a band to being a brand and an icon - just what it takes to succeed in the ultra-communicative and here-¬today-gone-tomorrow 21 st century.

Definitely coming from a Nu Rock background, Hip Hop flirts with Electro, Metal uses sequences, rap phrasings, ond puzzle-pieces from across the globe being pieced together into the spicy SHAKA-mix that makes you bang your head and shake your rump.

Visually, the band is on a whole different level - from the extravagant website that contains everything you could want including little mindtricks and video games, via the four video clips for “Fonk Me”, “HeII’o”, “Body Cult” and “Sonic” to the stage show, which is accompanied by visuals, projections and multi-media madness in it’s entirety ; SHAKAPONK leads the way and is miles ahead of the pack.

On stage, they take on any band and win audiences wherever they go. Be it playing club shows as headliners, opening for artists as diverse as Mudvayne, Exilia, No one is innocent or being the only band at groundbreaking Berlin-Electro-Events - SHAKAPONK fits in with any surrounding and leaves the audiences speechless and begging for more. Now, the bond is embarking to play various X-treme-sport¬-events such as the Red BulI “Stairway To Heaven” and many more.

Having left Paris, Fronce due b the overwhelming pressure of the local industry to sing in French, the band moved to Berlin, Germany to pursue their musical dream. “Berlin added a certain edge to our music and made us become a real band. In Paris, we played together, now the whole band lives and breathes SHAKAPONK”, says Frah, singer, composer, lyricist and producer.

Whilst still in Paris, he self-produced the demos of the debut album and got together with an old high school buddy and two PONKS he’d come across for years around Parisian studios and parties and played them the stuff he had just finished : the group set up straight away !

On stage, accompanied by sequenced electro sounds and a bone-rattling energy, crossing every line and breaking every rule, the SHAKA Master (Frah) and his PONK’S transport the audience into their own universe, which is both sexy and violent. You better get ready, SHAKAPONK invites you on o high energy, dizzying, musical roadtrip.