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One day inside a small hospital within the city of White Plains, NY a newborn was placed into the arms of his waiting mother. Claiming the role of the youngest of five children he would be the only boy, the prince of the family. After much debate the child’s parents would later give him a name that symbolized the type of man that they expected him to grow to be. He would have rather large shoes to fill inheriting the name of the great African king of the Zulu tribe. On September 14, 1982 Shaka was born.
Shaka’s childhood would be best self-described as, "a double life" and "not fitting in just enough to fit in." On one side he would be an extremely popular athletic kid living in a small suburban town, while on the other side he would be forced to endure the effects of growing up poor . He would have to put on a smile when he went to school only to come home to an extremely ill sister and a house with no electricity or telephone. Shaka and his family would be forced to use a small cooler filled with ice as a refrigerator, and a portable grill to cook and heat hot water for bathing purposes.
Emerging from such a grim situation with an even greater respect for the little things in life Shaka graduated from high school and enrolled in Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY. It is here where Shaka’s rap career would begin with the meeting of three new friends. One aspiring rapper, one promoter and one B-Boy. It was just a matter of time before Shaka would come to embrace the beauty of hip hop culture, it had surrounded him on all sides.
The following years would be filled with sleepless nights, AM studio sessions, open mics MC competitions and hour after hour of research and preparation.
Along the way Shaka would pick up another hobby that would help to define his personality and give him that missing edge that is rarely seen in an artist. Shaka was now not only an aspiring emcee, but also an amateur boxer, fighting out of Mount Kisco, NY trained by Rudy Lopez and Mark Mcphereson a knowledgeable team with middleweight and welterweight championship experience. "Boxing helped me break out of my shell, It helped me be more confident and sure of what I am capable of, I slowly started to realize the different types of people and what category I see myself in. That is where the name SHAKA THE KING came from, and even deeper than that after my sister passed away and my friend was murdered I humbled myself and THE KING turned into SHAKA THE K.I.N.G. (The key ingredient is next to god).
Impacting both teenagers and adults his talents have evoked such comments from hip hop afficionados as, "He’s got it, there’s something special about him," "this kids on the come up," as well as "this kids got it, he's gonna be a great fighter". So what does the future hold for this young lyricist/boxer, only time will tell.