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Shake Dizzy

 Jamaica, New York, USA
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My music is basically a combination of ideas and a vibe of what the beat is telling me. It is any where from smooth rap to hardcore reggae. People can generally relate to topics that I tend to write about. I try to make my music apply to everybody no matter what race, age or gender.


Fresh Outta Bricktown
Shake Dizzy the new upcoming rapper in hip hop was born and raised in Jamaica Queens, NY. His roots lie with his mom and his dad who are from the Island of Jamaica. Shake grew up playing basketball in the rough streets of south side Jamaica Queens and thought he would grow up to be a professional ball player. This is also how he got the name "Shake" from shaking defenders up on the court . While playing Division II NCAA basketball at LIU of Southampton, he realized that he had another talent. A talent to rock open mics off campus while entertaining his fellow teammates and party goers. After just two short years of college and countless performances on and off campus, Shake dropped out of school due to financial difficulties. With very few options on hand, Shake decided to moved to Virginia to live with his brother with hopes of continuing his education & music. He ended up joining a group call MC Family (Murder Charge Family) in 2004, which was a group comprised of a rapper (Shake Dizzy), Jamaican singer (Treez Breez) and a Jamaican MC (Hollow Tip). The trio worked the club scenes in VA and was booked for many shows where their performance got great reviews and gained popularity. At this point, Shake decided that he was going to do whatever it took to make it in the music industry.
While under the management of Lady Cham and Sleepy Wonder, MC Family traveled and opened up for some of reggae’s biggest names such as TOK, Mad Cobra, Mega Banton, Munga, and Bounty Killer. This is where their music truly became noticeable and caught the attention of Teddy Riley who commented positively on their music. This buzz sparked Teddy Riley’s interest and landed MC Family an appointment but because of other business ventures that he had going on at the time, the meeting didn’t go any further.
After feeling like MC Family was not getting all the attention they deserved, Shake in agreement with his group moved back to his hometown (Queens) in January 2007 to try an push the group in the reggae market in NYC. Shake got on his grind and hooked up with Father Bentley to Host MC Family's mix tape. The mix tape received good reviews that ended up getting them a gig in Club Amazura in Queens where they opened up for Munga and Bounty Killa. They later went on to hook up with Funk Flow productions in the summer of 07' which landed them two shows in California. After the trip to Cali, with the okay from his group, Shake started recording his solo mix tape in late 2007. He did his first solo show in Detroit with Funk Flow Productions on Jan.19, 2008 and got a great response. After a lot of researching and studying, Shake changed his name to "Shake Dizzy" and decided to start his own independent label “Dizzy Entertainment” to be the home for MC Family and other talented artist.
Working as a solo artist and gaining exposure doing open mics, talent shows and other venues, Shake has been causing a stir in the Hip Hop industry and has been networking, gaining popularity, and getting good responses from fans. In March 2008, Shake Dizzy landed 2nd place at the Source unsigned hype tour in Baltimore, MD and receive good reviews from CEO Jeremy Miller who later invited him back to New York to participate in the “Who’s Hot Who’s Not” showcase. Shake also performed in the “Stop the Violence Save the Children” tour in three different locations in NYC. He later auditioned and was selected to participate in the Roc da Mic showcase and the Hip Hop Rap-a-ton in which he ended up being 1 of the 12 final artist selected out of 100 emcees.
In April 2008, Shake and his team “Dizzy Ent.” had a listening party in Bembe’s lounge in Brooklyn, where party goers were the first to hear and grade each song off the up and coming album entitle “Fresh Outta Bricktown.”The album was released Jan 3, 2009 under CDbaby/Dizzy Entertainment and is currently for sale on Cdbaby, itunes, rhapsody, amazon, etc. Shake also received his first royalty check in April 2010, after on of his songs was placed on MTV's True Life: Fan boy
His New Single "Ain't Like Diddy" was released on April 20, 2010. Through the promotions of Digiwaxx, it is doing very well and is being play by various Dj's and radio stations around the world like the UK, Canada, Africa, Germany, Virgin Islands and the US. He has recently opened up for Mr. Lexx, 2pistols, Mims & Barrington Levy in Orlando, Fl on May 9, 2010 Rap, Roots, & Reggae show after the promoter heard his song. Thanks to his EPK on sonicbids, his constant grind, and his official website, Shake has been booking numerous gigs and is gradually gaining the fan base that he needs to help him “Shake things up in the industry.”


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Written By: Leonard S. Llewellyn JR.


These are the lives and time/
These are the lives of dimes/
Why couldn’t she/
Why couldn’t she be mine/
Good girls are so hard to find/
So hard to find (2x)

Verse 1
I was at the gas station/
Pumping gas patiently/
Then a candy cream caddy rolled right next to me/
Shorty stepped out looking straight like extasy/
How could it be/
Shorty had a dike chick next to she/
Light skin a rainbow belt around her waist/
Not even to mention her face/
Shorty got taste/
And I could tell that quick/
From the way how her outfit was laced/
She someone I would date/
And I won’t stay out late/
Cuz I know that she’s fixing a plate/
Some how I feel raped/
Another chick is holding my pride/
Only if you could see my eyes/
I’m not surprise/
It’s more like a pain inside/
Another princess lost to the lack of pride/
Pray to god to bless they soul as I wave goodbye/
Cuz me trying to holla is a waste of time/
(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2
Any way I’m in my new escalde/
Driving to the ATM so I could get paid/
Put my CD in wine the windows down/
It’s kinda warm/
Plus I want a better look around town/
NY plates/
In a down south state/
Don’t take to long to start a conversa-tion/
Ok hun/
Shorty looking kinda fly/
I seen her from a distance in the corner of my eye/
I wanna say hi/
But this 745/
Don’t know if he wanna make a left or a right/
She stopping traffic and shorty so thick/
That them apple bottoms jeans look like they bout to rip/
She showing off them hips/
With a hell of a twist/
Woulda thought that shorty was a modeling chick/
She started to cross the street/
So I had to switch lanes/
When she turned around/
Shorty looked like T-Pain/
Damn/ (Repeat chorus)

Verse 3
Damn, now what was I to do/
A pocket full a loot/
And I aint got a clue/
Maybe I should try my luck and go and hit the mall or/
Say forget it all and/
Go a play some ball/
Gave my man a call/
Trying to see whats up/
But he was laying with a chick somewhere in the cut/
I started my jeep up and/
Just my luck/
This shorty walked up/
Like “can you give me a jump?”/
(Repeat chorus)

Written by:
Leonard S. Llewelly Jr.
Shake dizzy
C.E.O of
Dizzy Ent.


Written By: Leonard S. Llewellyn JR.


Please (8x)
Please come to Tokyo boy
Please come back with me and I’ll show you
A good time, please. (2x)

Verse 1
She want me to go to Tokyo/
But I never left the US before/
So, I don’t know if I should trust her though/
Cuz I just met her in a studio/
At a photo shoot/
Damn shorty is cute/
Sexy model/
And she blessed with da shape of a coca cola/
Giving me the numbers to her Motorola/
And she letting me know that she likes my flow/
And she wanna star in my next video soooo/
Later on I gave her a call/
She told me everything from the day she was born/
And how much she really wanna see me perform/
And she heard that I was heading to Hong Kong/
And if I did that it’ll be so wrong/
But before I go/
Go to Tokyo/
She’ll take me there/
Put me on a show/
But the only thing I could tell shorty was no/
She said…(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2
Now I’m contemplating/
Sitting in a crib looking like G-Payton/
That’s when I felt my cell phone vibration/
Looking at the caller I.D is she/
Talking up a storm/
Begging me to perform/
On her side of the world/
It be millions of girls/
That’s dying to see ya curls/
I mean dying to see ya waves/
While your on stage/
They’ll be so amazed/
So what do you say?/
I said ok/
She laughed out in joy/
The next day we deployed/
When we touched down/
Had to give thanks to the lord/
For bring us safe and sound/
She took me around/
Bought me some clothes/
Had to look good before I went to the show/
But just before I was about to perform/
That’s when something totally went wrong/
It felt like if the whole world was shaking/
Only to wake up to my phone vibrating/
She said…(Repeat chorus)

Written by:
Leonard S. Llewelly Jr.
Shake dizzy
C.E.O of
Dizzy Ent.

Im Fresh

Written By: Leonard S. Llewellyn JR.

I’m Fresh

I’m Fresh/
When I hop up out the brand new lex/
I’m Fresh/
When I dress I dress to impress/
I’m Fresh/
All the chicks they be like yes/
A dude so fly/
You just can’t deny/
I’m Fresh/
When I hop up out the brand new range/
I’m Fresh/
VVS diamonds shining on my chain/
I’m Fresh/
All the chicks they be like damn/
A dude so fly/
You just can’t deny/
I’m Fresh

Verse 1
A yo I’m stepping out fresher than a mutha fucka/
In my brand new fresh Louie V chuckas/
You never seen those/
I paid a G for those/
Straight crack like it came from the kilo/
No repo/
My whips paid fo’/
Black on black sport 08’ range ro’/
While you standing on line like a free throw/
We make a private entrance through the back do’/
Yeah you ball but we ball much harder/
You chillin’ with your man we chillin’ with Vince Carter/
Go head make a order/
Drinks on me/
We coppin’ bottles like water/
I’m on the border/
Damn near drunk/
Shorty on me lil’ mama whatcha want/
She messing with me/
Said she wanna see my keys/
If you wanna see my keys/
Gotta let me pop ya trunk/
Cuz …(Repeat chorus)
I’m Fresh

Verse 2
We in this mutha fucka actin’ like a fool/
Like we just came home and we know the rules/
If you wanna know who’s down with the crew/
Just look for the dudes rockin’ heavy ass jewls/
And you know that we came with da tools/
So if you got a problem/
Somebody better stop him/
Cuz I’ll solve him/
My young boy will hit’em/
Then we make and exit through the back of da kitchen/
I hope you listen/
Hommie make ways/
Cuz I paid 250 just for the shades/
And my waves/
Ya chick really like dis/
Cuz I bring the ocean to the beach that’s a nice mix/
Please recite this/
When I’m on stage/
At your local club doing hits to get paid/
If you see me and you don’t know what to say/
I don’t got a problem/
As long as you tell me/
(Repeat chorus)

I’m Fresh
Written by:
Leonard S. Llewelly Jr.
Shake dizzy
C.E.O of
Dizzy Ent.


LP- Fresh Outta Bricktown!! Jan. 03, 09' Available Now on itunes, rhapsody,, &

New Single - Ain't Like Diddy!!! April 20, 2010 Available on itunes and cdbaby

Set List

1.Dimes, 2. Im Fresh 3. Tokyo. This is roughly 15-20 min., but I can go up to 30 - 45min.