Shakedown At The Majestic

Shakedown At The Majestic

 seattle, Washington, USA

Shakedown At The Majestic songs are catchy, stick-in-your-head power pop songs that recall early rock and roll, doo-wop, and sixties pop, but with a freshness and excitement that exudes from the intricate three-part vocal arrangements, catchy chord progressions, and upbeat rhythms.


Shakedown At The Majestic formed in the fall of 2008 in New York City with the goal of bringing catchy, danceable, stick-in-your head songs and fun, energetic performances to NYC's music scene. SATM's influences include early Beatles, Weezer, Doo-Wop, The Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, The Zombies, The Hives, and the Pixies. Their signature style involves tightly woven harmonies and interweaving vocal melodies, drawing from rock and pop's early years but delivering something altogether fresh. At once nostalgic and fiercely original. In their short time as a band, SATM has played shows in some of the best venues in NYC, developed a devoted following, and played the finals of the 2009 NYC Emergenza Music Festival at Webster Hall. Shakedown At The Majestic released their self-titled debut EP in the summer of 2010. Recently, they have been regulars at the acclaimed "Hipster Demolition" concert series in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and headlined the Liahonaroo music festival near Nashville, Tennessee. They recently relocated to Seattle, signed with new management, and are working with legendary producer Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Soundgarden, The Posies, Low, Screaming Trees, many more) on their new EP, to be released in the October 2015.  


Idiot Or Liar

Written By: Chris Vermillion


I can be an idiot, idiot or a liar
I can keep on lying to myself or make a good girl cry
Oh no! I've gotta break her heart, break her heart
or not be true to mine
Can only be an idiot, idiot or a liar

I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place
(I don't wanna cause you pain)
'cause I don't wanna throw a good thing away
(But I know things gotta change)
But deep down I know something's amiss
And it eats me up inside

And though I think I know what I need to do
(I'd only hurt you if I must)
It doesn't make it easier to hurt you
(It's better for the both of us)
But were I to say things are OK
It would only be a lie

So [Chorus]

(Well is she beautiful?)
Oh yes!
(Is her heart dutiful?)
The best!
(And do you care for her?)
Oh yeah, she was the apple of my eye!

(Are you not in love with her?)
I don't know
(Don't you want to marry her?)
I don't think so!
(Then won't you say what's wrong?)
I don't know, but something's just not right!


And even if I tried to help you see
This struggle's really brought me to my knees
Would seeing that bring you any relief?
Any relief?



Self-Titled EP - To be released October 16, 2015

Set List

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Idiot or Liar
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