Shakedown Inc.

Shakedown Inc.


We're five young musicians with a craft for creative songwriting and fusing genres. Shakedown Inc. combines catchy melodies, impressive musicianship and literary intellect to sound like no other rock band around today. We mean it.


Shakedown Inc. started as a six-piece classic rock band in January of 2006. Losing some of our core members, we started writing whatever music came to mind and quickly opened up to new styles and ideas. After gigging on and off for the past 3 years, we're working on a self-produced EP (followed by a full-length album) and touring central New Jersey, playing at bars, restaurants, and clubs.


Summer 2009 - Four song EP (in progress)
March 2009 - Demo of covers
January 2009 - "The Painter" single
February 2008 - "Rough Cuts" EP

No radio airplay yet, but we intend on sending our upcoming EP to as many stations as possible.

Set List

Our original songs include "Cease", "Perpetual", "Grecian Urn", "Colors in the Dark", "Transparent Symphony", "The Painter", "Seasick and Whisked Away", and "The Reason Why". We have 3 more originals nearing completion. Our repertoire of cover songs is rapidly expanding, and currently includes "Born to be Wild", "Hysteria", "Time of the Season", "My Generation", "Twist and Shout", "Sunshine of Your Love", "Magic Carpet Ride", "Sweet Emotion". Shorter gigs are 1 set, 30-45 minutes, while our longer shows are split into two sets and can go for as much as 2 hours.