The Shake'em Ups

The Shake'em Ups


High energy acoustic music from Austin, Texas.


The Shake�em Ups eclectic mix of bluegrass, swing, honky tonk, and old-time music has quickly made them favorites in their hometown of Austin, Tx. These three young multi-instrumentalists combine their classical training, jazz and rock band experience, and love for acoustic music into a show that is both highly energetic and virtuosic. From blazing instrumentals to sweet brothers style harmonies, the Shake�em Ups put a unique and exciting twist on traditional American music.


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Set List

Our sets generally contain about one half original songs and one half traditional/ cover songs with our own unique arrangements. Sets can range from 1 to 3 hours and can be tailored to fit a variety of venues.
An example of a typical set list:

Chicken (original, old-time)
Arkansas Traveler (trad. fiddle tune arr. for bajo and guitar)
Turnstlyed Junkpiled (Townes Van Zandt)
School Bus Driver (original, country)
Gypsy Rag (original, swing song)
Jesse James (Trad. bluegrass)
Big Land Jumper (original, western swing)
Big City Blues (original, fingerpicking blues)
HD Guitar (original, bluegrass)
Walk on Boy (highly arranged trad.)
Steel Guitar Rag (Merle travis/Leon McAuliffe)
Kill'em with Kindness (original, travis picking)
Alabama Jubilee (trad. dixieland)
Coal Tattoo (Billy Ed Wheeler)
Truckin' 2008 (original country ballad)
Down Yonder/ Hand me Down (trad. old-time medley)
Dirt Yard Stomp (original, bluegrass)
Fallen on my knees (trad. bluegrass)