The Incomparable Shakespeare

The Incomparable Shakespeare

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The hybrid!! Commercially viable Hip-Hop that is street savvy, yet articulate. It's genuine yet catchy. The sounds are diverse and reflect a wide range of experiences and references. It's the future


Brooklyn has a long-standing tradition for greatness, whether it was the Brooklyn Dodgers, Mike Tyson, a Spike Lee joint or the legacy of Christopher Wallace; Brooklyn has always produced a certain magic. Just when the magic seems to have passed away, retired, or gotten jerked by Don King, enters Franklin Rossman aka Shakespeare, and all he wants is for the world to “feel” him.
“When writing a song, I try to find ideas that everyone experiences at some level,” answers Shake when asked about his creative process. “Everybody experiences death, love, hate and betrayal,” he adds. Not only is Shakespeare willing to relate to his audience, he is also willing to show them vulnerability within himself that most rappers would never own up to. His sincere approach, distinctive fashion sense, and captivating stage performances have propelled him above the pack. This becomes evident when crowds sing along, and critics and journalist alike praise his work.
Besides traveling the country performing and opening up for some of his musical influences like Slick Rick, Shake has been featured in “Rap Sheet”, “Complex” and “Black Men” magazine. Additionally, he has graced the cover of “What’s Really Hood” DVD, and been featured on numerous others including “Hip Hop Uncensored” and “Grind Hard”. He appeared in the Ecko TV campaign featured in Macy’s department stores nationwide and on MTV’s Suckerfree. Most recently, Shake has gotten a huge co-sign from many of the popular Hip-Hop websites and blogs including Allhiphop, Worldstar, OnSMASH, 2dopeboyz, and MTV Iggy.
Most “industry” heads will tell you, any rapper with dreams of being successful needs a hometown hit. However, in order to obtain success on a national scale, a rapper needs to think beyond his block. That’s quite a dilemma right? Not for Shake. His sound has a definitive New York swagger, but is commercially viable. Songs like “ShakyBaby” and his anti-stereotype manifesto “4.0” will have both new and old Hip-Hop fans chanting the choruses. Meanwhile songs like “Hometown Glory” not only cross the genre lines, but also provide a richness not found in today’s Hip-Hop. Most of today’s new jacks claim to be the next Hov or the next Pac, but allow yourself to be introduced to the first Shakespeare.


Heavy Rotation (EP)
Fresh (single)
The Miseducation of Franklin Rossman
Tha Instant Classic
A Shakespearean Premier
Skinny Jeans (The World's Gone Mad) (Single)
The British Invasion (EP)

Set List

4.0, Gotta Get It, ShakyBaby, Hometown, I'm Back, Cruise Control