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Shakila's heavenly voice, is a great combination of Celine Dion and Witney Houston, with a hint of Nora Jones, means Shakila’s voice is a full range vocal, with a silky smooth lower register, and a crystal clear high registry to capture the audience and send the true meaning of the message abroad.


Shakila is a Persian/American vocalist from Tehran. Her dream of being a singer started when she was a young girl. 

At the delicate age of nine years old, Shakila’s career began when she was invited to perform on a major television show. It is here that she caught the attention of numerous producers that wanted to transition her into a professional artist. While Shakila so eagerly wanted to become the star she was so destined to be, she made sure to focus on her education, and limited her performances to talent shows and school competitions.

Through hard work and determination, she completed her studies and ultimately succeeded in

becoming a professional performer in 1990. That year, she released her first Persian hit album.

In addition to her passion for music, Shakila also expresses her deep connection with poetry.

Using her lyrics, she paints a scene with her voice, which allows the listener to become a part of her journey. 

Alike many artists, Shakila shows her personality through her words and uses

poetry to create distinctive metaphors to empower her songs. She holds true to her devotion to

spirituality and the values of life that she so deeply holds on to. 

Music is not just a sound to Shakila, but an expedition through emotion. Her music allows the listener to connect with the music on a level unmatched by most artists. 

In particular, she has always taken exceptional interest in Rumi’s poems, which has inspired her to sing many of his pieces in such a way that would make any listener feel empowered by pure emotion. With the combination of her angelic voice, and the meaningful words, it is obvious that Shakila obtains the true essence of love.

She was also the featured artist on the album ‘Operatica-Shine’, which includes two of her own outstanding performances. 

In 2012, Shakila broadened her horizons by extending her talents to the International market. She released multiple singles

such as, Fall Away, El Corazon (My Heart), Xmas and more. In addition to these singles, Shakila

plans on releasing a new World Music, English album in 2015. 

She also won the Persian International Artist Award, and she is also an official Grammy voting


So far she has released over twenty Persian albums, which have helped her gain millions of followers all around the globe.


Only You

Written By: rumi,khalili

Only You

Only you I choose among the entire world

Is it fair of you letting me be unhappy

I see only what you reveal and live as you say
All my feelings have the color you desire to paint

My Heart is a pen in your hand
It is all up to you to write me happy or sad

From the beginning to the end no one but you

I see only what you reveal and live as you say
All my feelings have the color you desire to paint

My Heart is a pen in your hand
It is all up to you to write me happy or sad

Pledge For Peace

Written By: Art Tawanghar

Pledge for Peace
Written By: Art Tawanghar
Composed By: Ellan’ Noelle

We all have our own set of beliefs
and it's impossible to always agree
we need to take the time out 
to get relief
Focus on praise and understanding

Just for a day we can wipe the tears away
and imagine living in peace

Let's live together
knowing one thing and one thing alone
love is the only truth
Let's live togehter
And stop all this fighting and throwing stones
we need to make a pledge of peace for our youth

Copyright (c) 2014 Shakila Enterprises

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