Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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A fusion of "radio hypnosis" and go hard, head nod street bang. The cross road where commercial colides with underground. Hip Hop to the highest elevation of hotness.


Hard work, dedication, and ambition, these are the main ingredients that have destined Sha-King (the future of Hip Hop) for major success. Working side by side with some of today’s freshest DJ’s, and Hip-Hop veteran (Bone crusher), he currently has his music spinning at some of the hottest spots in Atlanta, New York, and Charlotte N.C. With his new hit single “Loud", he plans to sworm through the industry like the perfect storm.

His sound is versatile, a fusion of "radio hypnosis" and go hard, head nod street bang. Always on the go Sha-King has created a following through out the East Coast, performing at local clubs such as Club Intrigue, The Sugar Shack, 3G&W, The Warehouse, Secret’s, Club 291, The Crow's Nest, Club Havana, The Atrium, Club Millennium in Tuskegee Alabama, also at major venues such as The West Fest in Charlotte N.C., and the Sweet Auburn Festival in Atlanta just to name a few.

Sha-King, meaning: “King of Kings”, such a fitting name for this New York born Atlanta based artist. “Controlled Substance”, what a fitting title for his new CD. “Controlled Substance” is the cross roads where industry meets street. Sha-King’s music so accurately speaks of life experiences his audience can truly relate to. He prides himself on writing what he lives. His motto is "You can't talk it, if you aint live it."

Whether nightlife, street life, or just everyday life he vows to deliver it how he gets it. Be on the watch for Sha-King Hip Hop's “King Of Kings”! This guy is going all the way to the top. When asked, "In such an aggressive market what is your formula for success?" He confidently answered, "I'm like the calm before the perfect storm, they will never see me coming."


The 13th Jewel (LP)
I.C.E. Storm Vol. 1 (The MixTape)
DJ Siza MixTape Heroine Vol. 2
The Cost Of Fame
Controlled Substance
Time's Up
Tearz I Cry
Loud f. Bonecrusher
Peaches N Cream f. Persia Moon

Set List

My sets are usually 30 minutes. I do a medly of songs. Hi energy performance every time.