Shak Nasti

Shak Nasti

 Orlando, Florida, USA

Shak Nasti is an Orlando based eclectic ensemble that fuses rock, jazz and funk. The group's roots rhythm section and pop-infused melodies co-exist to make a truly original sound. Jumjping from different genres of music, Shak Nasti is in its true sense a variety band!


Orlando's own eclectic band Shak Nasti has been stirring the pot since their inception back in 2004. The group delves into several genres including funk, rock, reggae, and drum'n'bass, shaping the mix into an original, organic sound that can be felt as well as heard. The band infuses a nasty rhythmic bottom with a melodic sense on top. Dance music with depth!

Their residency at downtown Orlando's Tanquerays has produced several sit ins by well known musicians including Jeff Coffin, the fellas from Soulive, and the pedal steel genius of Roosevelt Collier of the Lee Boys. You never know who is going to stop by.

Playing up and down the east coast, Shak Nasti has shared the stage with great acts like The Lee Boys, The Codetalkers, KDTU, MMW, Dumpstaphunk, Dead Kenny G's, and several big regional acts. They are favorites at several music festivals including Waneefest, Bear Creek, Magnolia Fest, and Strangecreek to name a few.

Shak Nasti has become a go to rhythm section for recording and performance. You can hear them with Jim White, Terri Binion, Thomas Wynn and the Believers, and Kaleigh Baker.

The band's 4th cd "Jim Jackson", will be released in early June,


Mind Bomb

Written By: Tim Turner

I've got a ball around my mind
Makeshift bubble all twisted in twine
And it's easy to see I'm my own enemy and the colors are free to use when I want
Built the dam that's in my head
Inflict the dread of the past which is really dead
Tricle goes the flow into movement that's shown as manic desperation

Boom! I'm alive and free at last
Boom! There goes my past there goes my Pants

Feed the fall that keeps me down
Spin a smile and make a frown
Whisper in grief for my own relief
And try to believe that I'm rising
Why can't I be who I am
Not a baby in a can
Make a move and try to stand
Building thoughts that are in the sand

Lickin' the Walls

Written By: Tim Turner

Dude's gone down to Tampa Bay with a band. Gonna mix it up, toe the line, and see how far life can bend.
Shop the streets for afrobeats, swallow life sweet, sublime. Then they wash their hands in so diress and do it all again. Count the races they've run, while I sit in my room just lickin' the walls.
20 chicks, electric flex, travels the world and cash in checks. My brother got a job now, and he's got it better.
He tries to convince me of the perks of Shangrala. Then he pushes his button that shoot him straight through the sky. He's learned to fly, while I sit in my room just lickin' the walls.
Outside the people play with beer, balloons, and wine they're bouncin'.
They hold their banner in front of the band and sing their songs in time
Acrobats, they flip in sync, dancers spinning blindly. You can tell the line is about to break, letting it blow them to another place. They're having fun, while I sit in my room just lickin' the walls. They're shooting their guns, while I sit in my room just waiting to die.

She Can

Written By: Tim Turner

I'm just a lopsided spinner on the trail
This is where I am
She stirs me softly in a bowl with her hand and I feel the calm, serene
Still I wander through the trees that keep me bouncing
This is where I fall
Upon her feet I stretch my tongue and taste her sandal, a bittersweet relief

And all I ever wanted was a stone cold vow. Just creak the door a while, let me hear that sound

Be on my side, she can, be on my side
Riding out there to the end

And now I'm bobbing like a buoy in the water
This is where I am
I feel it's blanket try and pull me to the bottom, watch a hand go by
She pulls her lips around the waves to drink the violence, mats her hair to the side
And for a while I catch my breath and let the sun bake the bottoms of my feet


Shak Nasti's first independently released CD "From the Belly" received CD of the Year from a Band from the Songwriters Showcases of America. "From the Belly" is a full 76 minutes ranging from groove rock to reggae to drum-n-bass.

"Diddley Doo" is a four song EP, and much like an evening with the band itself, covers a wide range of styles.

"A Way Inside", released in January 2009, has a wide variety of styles and sounds for the listener. It's the best representation of the band's musical prowess and sonic explorations.

"Jim Jackson" will be out in early June. The album has a little bit of a rockin' edge with progressive influences, still holding to their funk base.

Set List

Mind Bomb,
Down in My Shoes,
You Wear Me Out,
It's a Bear,
Forget Yourself,
Simian Fringe,
Lickin' the Walls,
Mule Kick,
Drunk Bananas,
Middle of a Bubble,
Sama Lama,
Baby Baby,
Summer Sun,
Our Way,
It's a Shame,
Lemon Lime,
Bloody Bucket,
Settle Down,
Roller Rink,
Box of Oxen,
You Gotta,
My Mia,
Wreckless Side,
This Time,
Settle for Less,
She Can,
A Way Inside,
...and always more in the works-

Willie the Pimp (Frank Zappa),
Magic Fingers (Frank Zappa),
Meters Medley (can perform an entire set of The Meters songs if requested),
Black Market (Weather Report),
Ain't It Funky Now (James Brown, instrumental),
Red Clay (Freddie Hubbard),
Outerspace (Bobby Lee Rodgers),
Dark Blue (John Scofield),
A-go-go (MMW)