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Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Band Rock Jam


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"Shakyfoot - Down on the Rain"

Shakyfoot is one hell of a jam band—no joke! From the moment I pushed play, the energy was high and the sound was electric. Heavy-hittin’ rock grooves mixed with progressive blues makes up the core of Shakyfoot’s Down on the Rain.

This band is made up of three members: Jason Scolnick on guitar & lead vocals, Bob Gobron on bass & backing vocals and Charlie Silva on drums. Ironically enough Gobron and Scolnick launched their first band back in the 90s to which an abrupt split-up pursued. 2006 rolls around and the two meet up again, by twist of fate, to become a crowd favorite in Beantown. Since that day, Shakyfoot is now prevalent and seems to be a perfect title for this group. If the shoe fits then wear it and they are wearing it well.

I truly enjoyed listening to this record because it just simply rocked! High-powered & energy-driven music with so much feeling and excitement comes pouring through. I loved the fact that these three musicians could make such a powerful sound as a trio. The chemistry between all three members is perfectly matched up. The drums are heavy hittin’ and emphatically moving, the bass is utterly smooth and the guitar is tearin’ through riffs & solos like there’s no tomorrow. Scolnick sings with immense feeling and his brash/gruff vocal delivery even resembles George Thorogood, at times. Song four, “In the Middle”, features a very fun-type of jam with an easy-kind-of-going type flow. This song even had a musical pattern that resembled a Beatles-type-vibe. The next installment, “Live w/o a Clue”, is one of my favorite tracks on the album due to its crazy energy, rock-your-socks-off mentality and smooth-as-butter bass line. One tag line from “Beat you to the Punch” that really stood out to me overall was this: “The truth bites like a great white’s crunch”. The guys decide to throw in a gospelesque type sound mixed with the hard-hitting rock mode on “Preacher Man”. Shakyfoot ends the record on a high note with nothing short of a jam fest on “Zoom Baba Loom”. I don’t know what the song title means, but it sounds good as hell!

For more this head-bobbin’, jam-rock trio from Boston and their latest release, SKOPE out I’d also like to add a compliment to the picturesque portrait taken of the ocean & palm tree setting, which is displayed inside the CD cover. I’m all about the tropical scene, so I was 100% lovin’ this shot. The photography was so incredibly serene to the point where I wanted to just jump into the picture for a little bit! Now, we all need to jump to the beat of Shakyfoot—1….2….3….GO!

By Jimmy Rae

- Skope Magazine

"Shakyfoot -- Down On The Rain"

Shakyfoot – Down On The Rain (CD)
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“Goodbye Mrs. Rose” is a hard-rocking track that plays upon the hair metal genre of the nineties as well as approaches a sort of intensity that only bands like the Black Crowes and “Appetite For Destruction”-era Guns N Roses could bring to the table. It is the perfect introduction to Shakyfoot, and will stick with listeners for a long time. The band continues the high energy and momentum through “Bust It Out High”, changing enough of their sound to further ensnare listeners and keep them focused in through the rest of “Down On The Rain”. While each of the two preceding tracks were strong in their own right, it is the titular track here that will be Shakyfoot’s rocket to the top.

This is due to the fact that the band is able to first weave together a compelling bit of instrumentation before injecting a Southern (think Every Mother’s Nightmare) sound to the track that will provide ultimately fulfilling to any fan of rock music. “In The Middle” gives listeners the ability to hear another side of Shakyfoot, as the band takes on an unique amalgamation of sixties Beatles-esque pop and nineties alternative rock. What comes forth with “In The Middle” is something that is light-hearted and yet continues to further the band’s commitment to insightful and intricate types of instrumentation and arrangements.

“She’s My Lady” further shows that the band can strip all the additional layers away and come out with a hard-rocking track that is guttural, is melodic despite the heaviness, and represent one of “Down On The Rain”’s best tracks. “Wake Up!” ties together the many different sides to Shakyfoot, linking together a heavy melodic flare with somewhat country-rock leanings and driven vocals. Shakyfoot has something for everyone on “Down On The Rain”, and I have no doubt in my mind that their live show would provide more of the same. If you want rock that is memorable, make it a point to pick up “Down On The Rain”.

Top Tracks: Wake Up!, Down On The Rain

Rating: 8.0/10

Shakyfoot – Down On The Rain / 2009 Self / 13 Tracks / - NeuFutur


Shakyfoot; Self titled EP Released February 2008
"Down on the Rain" 13 song album on Scarlett Records released May 2009



Shakyfoot music has stood the test of time. Jason Scolnick and Bob Gobron began playing together in Boston over a decade ago. While the original incarnation of the band existed for less than a year the core of songs developed in that period never lost their appeal, their intensity, their honesty. Proving while styles come and go everyone still loves a good rock song. Jason and Bob parted ways for many years but then reformed the band in 2007. The current iteration of Shakyfoot is now established as one of the best drawing and best sounding rock bands in Boston. Their 2007 EP made an initial stir with discerning ears around the Boston music scene. The band has kept up a steady performance schedule around New England and New York since early 2008 garnering a solid reputation as a ferocious rock trio, cabable of delivering hooks with punch and precision as well as compelling and inspired impovisation. Shakyfoot began reaching the ears of rock fans across the country within a few short months of the release of their 13 song album "Down on the Rain." The album was added to the playlists of nearly 200 college and commercial radio stations and received nearly 2 dozen CMJ adds from DJ's and station managers from Walla Wall WA to Savannah GA to Machais ME. Songs like "In the Middle" and "Bust It Out High" have been in rotation nationally throughout the summer of 2009. On the heels of that success, the band is currently in preproduction for their second release on Scarlett Records, due out in the fall of 2010.
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