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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
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"The Movielife, Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, many more added to Bamboozle - December 16, 2010"

More bands have been unvieled for the 2011 installment of Bamboozle. Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin, Attack Attack!, Black Cards, Blessthefall, Mayday Parade, Lil Wayne, Motley Crue, the Gaslight Anthem, AP Tour headliners Black Veil Brides and more join about two dozen other artists who were already announced for Bamboozle, which takes place April 29 through May 1 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Hardcore outfit the Movielife will also reunite for the event after being on hiatus since 2003.

Artists announced so far:
A Day To Remember
A Loss For Words
Andy Grammer
Animals As Leaders
Arsonists Get All The Girls
Attack Attack!
Big Krit
Big Sean
Black Cards
Black Veil Brides
Born Of Osiris
Boys Like Girls
Bruno Mars
Chiddy Bang
Chelsea Grin
Circa Survive
Dashboard Confessional
Das Racist
Diggy Simmons
Forever The Sickest Kids
For Today
Frank Turner
Gatsbys American Dream
I Am The Avalanche
I See Stars
Insane Clown Posse
Lil Wayne
Man Overboard
Lil Wayne
Marky Ramone
Mayday Parade
Motionless In White
Motley Crue
Neon Hitch
New Found Glory
Ninja Sonik
River City Extension
Romance On A Rocketship
Runner Runner
RX Bandits
Ryan Cabrera
Senses Fail
Sleeping With Sirens
Starz Angel
State Radio
Streetlight Manifesto
Super Mash Bros.
Take One Car
Taking Back Sunday
Texas In July
The Air I Breathe
The Gaslight Anthem
The Movielife
The Ready Set
The Youth Ahead
Tim Minchin
Upon A Burning Body
Veil Of Maya
Waka Flocka Flame
We Are The In Crowd
Wicker Hollow

Within Ruins
Wiz Khalifa - AltPress.com - by Tim Karan

"Ryan Cabrera Readies New Album - date: 01/16/2008"

After conquering radio and the pop charts, Ryan Cabrera is now moving onward and upward in pursuit of what has always mattered most to him -making the music that's in his soul, and now with a greater musical and lyrical maturity as well as the confidence that comes with his success in music. And he is doing so by breaking with the major label system and taking the reins of his career to independently produce and market his third album which is due in-stores April 2008.

"It feels right," says the 25-year-old native Texan of the music he's been creating with the transplanted Australian production team of Daniel James and Leah Haywood. "I really wanted to take my time and not have a huge company telling me what I should be making."

Cabrera may well be the youngest best-selling musical artist to assert his business and artistic independence and take advantage of the emerging new modalities for marketing and selling music by releasing his next album on his own label. And in doing so, he comes back around to his original goals from when, at age 14, inspired by Dave Matthews, he took up the acoustic guitar and soon started writing songs. Now, with his mastery of the music industry and the resources from the radio and chart as well as television and film success of his songs, he melds his aim to create music of substance and soulfulness with his innate knack for fashioning compelling pop hooks.

"The sound of the new record I think will open a lot of eyes and ears, and definitely be a surprise to fans and anybody who hasn't heard my music."

Cabrera explains. "I wanted to take my time with this record and really make a diverse entire album, as opposed to just a single or two; no I want a ride, a journey, I want the record to be able to be played all the way through. So many things have changed in my life, and the music is heading along with it."

Cabrera first caught the public ear in 2001 at the age of 19 with his independent album Elm St. after honing his talents on the Dallas live music scene. His 2004 major label debut on Atlantic Records, Take It All Away, hit the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 and was certified gold, powered by Top 20 gold singles "On The Way Down" and "True," both of which have become radio standards. His 2005 follow-up album, You Stand Watching, went Top 25 and yielded the Top 40 pop hit "Shine On."

His 2006 single "I Will Remember You" became a multimedia sensation when it was featured in the final episode of the TV show "Will & Grace" and its promos and was also adopted as the farewell song on Fox TV's "So You Think You Can Dance." (A revamped version is included on Cabrera's new album.) He has also had songs on the soundtracks of the films "Son of the Mask" and "The Fantastic Four."

And now, even as Cabrera's music grows more expansive and eclectic, his artistic signature remains distinctively his own, but with a greater boldness, depth and breadth. "I'm 25 years old now and have been through a lot more stuff. My music continues to evolve," explains Cabrera. "I'm writing all the songs so they're still going to have my vibe to them, but I also listen to a lot of different stuff. I read different things now. I didn't want to make the same record again and again just because the others did well.

“When the Beatles got deeper into their art, at the end of the day they still made great pop songs. I'm not in any way comparing myself to them, but it shows you can make great, catchy music while still incorporating your artistic viewpoint," concludes Cabrera. "You can still grow."

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"Ryan Cabrera Returns To Radio With Hot New Single 'Say' - date: 04/02/2008"

With “Say,” his first single released on his own independent Frolic Room Records label, Ryan Cabrera is back on the radio with the #1 most added track on Top 40 just one week after its release. Now making his music as he wants to as the master of his own fate, the million-selling pop-rock artisan behind such previous Top 20 hits as “On The Way Down” and “True” is winning airplay at an ever-expanding roster of Top 40 and Hot AC stations with a song that reflects his growing musical maturity without forsaking his gift for crafting engaging pop music hooks.

The continuing radio appeal of Cabrera’s new direction was confirmed by IGN.com in its weekly wrap-up of iTunes releases when it tagged “Say” as “typically catchy.” The song also addresses in its lyrics the dilemma he faced as a major label musical wunderkind on his two previous albums, during which time he chafed under the pressure from his label to continue making the same sort of music while at the same time his artistic vision and influences were growing and expanding. His response was to part ways with his label and fund the making of The Moon Under Water himself to ensure that it reflects his own current creativity and then start his own label to release and promote his music.

To show that he’s more serious than ever about putting his music across to listeners both old and new, Cabrera recently spent five weeks crossing the nation to visit 50 radio stations in order to reintroduce himself to his supporters in the Top 40 and Hot AC formats where his previous singles remain hot recurrent airplay numbers. “I love radio people,” he says. “They’ve always been really cool to me. I’ve always felt that you should have a good relationship with them because you need them just as much as they need you. It’s really important to make and maintain those relationships and have friends there that support you.”

He visited as many as five to six radio stations a day on the tour in a whirlwind of on-air interviews, acoustic performances on the radio and at station events, listening parties and meet and greet sessions with station staffs and fans and meeting with programmers to promote the next stage of his already high-profile career. The reception to “Say” was enthusiastic across the board, with the single being touted as “Pick of the Week” at KMXP in Phoenix.

The radio tour was capped by a March 13 appearance in his hometown of Dallas on the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show, which airs on nearly 70 stations. Kraddick has been a Cabrera friend and supporter since the artist’s days playing live on the Dallas music scene as a teenager, and in February named him an “Artist You Should Know to Sound Cool” and proclaimed on the air during Cabrera’s guest appearance that The Moon Under Water “is way more organic than anything you’ve done.”

Cabrera followed the Kraddick show by showcasing with his band the two following nights at South by Southwest in Austin. He also hosted a reception for the music industry and media to preview The Moon Under Water, which will be released on May 13.

“You will hear a new but familiar sound coming from this album,” says Cabrera. “The sound of the new record I think will open a lot of eyes and ears, and definitely be a surprise to fans and anybody who hasn't heard my music. I wanted a high energy, emotional, real album one that only hearing one song, wouldn't be enough! I wanted this project and record to be a personal and honest one which people can feel a part of.”

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"Ryan Cabrera Sports New Look That Reflects His Musical Maturity - date: 04/10/2008"

Back in 2004, Rolling Stone noted of Ryan Cabrera: “The young Texan seems intent on transcending his Diesel-wearing, mall-kid status and being taken seriously as a musician.” And that is just what he’s done with his hot new single “Say” and on his upcoming album, The Moon Under Water, due out May 13 on Frolic Room/Papa Joe Records. Still a master of the undeniable pop hook as witnessed by “Say” being the #1 most added single at Top 40 the week after its release on the album he displays an impressive musical growth and range which assures that both old fans and new listeners will be won over by his masterful pop-rock artistry.

And along with the growth in his music, Cabrera has also grown up in his look and personal style into adulthood. Gone is the spiky dyed-blond hair that Cabrera sported in the early video clips and television appearances that helped make him famous, replaced by long locks in his natural dark brown color and facial hair. After all, since becoming a pop star from the Dallas suburbs at age 19 with his first major label album Take It All Away and a teen dream pin-up as an unintended result of his musical career Cabrera has matured into a Los Angeles based sophisticate, which is reflected in The Moon Under Water (named for his favorite pub in London which took its name from the title of a poem by one of Cabrera’s favorite authors, George Orwell).

While on his six-week recent radio tour visiting stations in more than 50 cities, Cabrera did find that radio programmers, DJs and his fans were a bit taken aback by the change from how he once looked as a teen pop prodigy who went on to sell millions of records and how he now appears at 25 years old. “At some of the listening parties that the stations sponsored there would be 40 or 50 girls there. And I’d walk into the room and the only questions they had were: why did you grow your hair out and why isn’t your hair blond?” Cabrera notes. “Not to attribute anything bad to them for asking. It’s just not what I am going for. I’d just rather talk about music.”

Unlike the positive reception accorded to his new music, Cabrera admits that his new look has gotten a “half and half response” from female fans who knew him when. “Some girls are really upset, and some people are like, dude, I’m glad you don’t look like that anymore.”

His new tonsorial style was even a topic for some good-natured and complimentary kidding when Cabrera was a guest on the top-rated Kidd Kraddick in the Morning syndicated radio show on March 13. Kraddick who has known Cabrera since he was playing the Dallas area clubs and released his independent debut album Elm Street wondered if his fellow DJs might now mistake the musical artist for a famous and handsome movie star. “What do they say when you show up? Oh my God, Johnny Depp’s here?” Later in the show, Kraddick also compared how Cabrera looks now to “the guy that all the girls were hot for in 'Almost Famous’” Billy Crudup playing Russell Hammond, lead singer for the fictional band Sweetwater. “You resemble him a bit with your hair that way,”

But the final word on how Cabrera’s grown-up look is ultimately as appealing as his mature new music was recently provided by teen idol Miley Cyrus, who told Us magazine that she found him “really cute.” Yes, the adult Ryan Cabrera can still set teenage hearts aflutter and is now starting to elicit sighs of admiration from women of all ages but the 15-year-old pop singer and “Hannah Montana” star’s liking for his looks is completely innocent. “He’s a friend of my Dad’s!” she reports.

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"Ryan Cabrera Backs The Moon Under Water & 'Say' With Action - date: 05/12/2008"

As Billboard recently noted in its rave review of Ryan Cabrera’s new single “Say” from his album out next week The Moon Under Water, the young but rapidly maturing pop-rock auteur is “putting his money where his mouth is.” And the signs that his bet is paying off are already evident as the million-selling singer, songwriter and guitarist gears up to make his next definitive mark in music.

Cabrera is enjoying high profile media exposure such as appearing as a guest last week on “American Top 40” and upcoming appearances on “Good Morning America” (May 15) and “The View” in a special “Behind The Scenes” segment (airing twice on May 26 & 30). His bold decision to leave behind his major label deal and start his own independent Frolic Room Records to release The Moon Under Water also landed Cabrera an April 28 interview on Fox’s “Real World with Neil Cavuto” the top business show on TV to talk about his entrepreneurial artistic venture. He will also be featured soon on Motor Trend’s website (www.motortrend.com) talking about another facet of his life: cool cars.

Meanwhile “Say” which was the most-added song on Top 40 the week it was released and Billboard declares “the catchiest, coolest most immediate release of the year” and a “summer smash” is significantly driving sales in markets like Orlando/Daytona, FL and Providence, RI where it is receiving strong airplay, confirming the consumer appeal of his latest music. And after celebrating the May 13 release of The Moon Under Water with a show this Friday (May 9) at the Key Club in Los Angeles, Cabrera embarks again on a national radio tour with his band to play station concerts and follow up on his previous and well-received solo national radio trek earlier this year (dates below).

In financing his new album and now its promotion from the success he had with his two major label albums and hits like “True” and “On The Way Down,” Cabrera is trusting that his talents will out when it comes to getting his new and more mature music heard, enjoyed and bought by the public. If there’s a touchstone for his artistic aspirations and the lasting impact he hopes to forge, it can be found on his right forearm, where the image of the four Beatles crossing Abbey Road is tattooed.

But when Cabrera found he was seated next to Paul McCartney at last fall’s Led Zeppelin reunion concert in London, he was too much in awe and respectful of his musical icon to even introduce himself. “Hell no. I wish. I couldn’t,” he confesses. “I was too busy rolling my sleeve down to cover my arm up so he didn’t see my tattoo. I just sat there and looked.”

After all, Cabrera doesn’t just revere McCartney but also knows how celebrity from his time in the gossip columns and on reality TV can impinge on the joys of private life like just being a rock’n’roll fan at a historic concert. “He seemed really nice and was really cool. He was taking pictures and video of the show with his iPhone. It’s weird to see him as a fan of somebody else,” Cabrera says.

And the “life changing” Led Zeppelin show also helped stoke his fire to get back out on the road and perform for people, which what he enjoys most about his musical career. “They were so good that it was almost unreal,” he reports. “I think they came back just to show people what was up okay, this is what a live show really is.”

Tour dates are as follows:

05/09 - Los Angeles, CA Key Club
05/10 - San Antonio, TX KXXM Radio Show
05/11 - Dallas, TX The Loft
05/12 - Houston, TX Warehouse Live
05/26 - Colorado Springs, CO KKMG Radio Show
06/07 - Albany, NY WFLY Radio Show
06/12 - Pittsburgh, PA Rex Theatre
06/14 - Kansas City, KS KMXV Radio Show
06/15 - Syracuse, NY WNTQ Radio Show
06/21 - Green Bay, WI WKSZ Radio Show
07/03 - Orlando, FL WXXL Radio Show

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Studio albums

Title: Elm St.
Details: Release date: 2001, Label: AMP, Formats: CD
Peak positions, US: --
Certifications: --

Title: Take It All Away
Details: Release date: August 17, 2004, Label: Atlantic Records, Formats: CD, music download
Peak positions, US: 8
Certifications: US: Gold

Title: You Stand Watching
Details: Release date: September 20, 2005, Label: Atlantic Records, Formats: CD, music download
Peak positions, US: 24
Certifications: --

Title: The Moon Under Water
Details: Release date: May 13, 2008, Label: EMI America, Formats: CD, music download
Peak positions, US: 177
Certifications: --


Year: 2004
Single: "On The Way Down"
Peak chart positions: US: 15, US AC: 35, US Adult: 6, US Pop: 4, AUS: 48, NZ: 26
Certifications: US: Gold
Album: Take It All Away

Single: "True"
Peak chart positions: US: 18, US AC: 9, US Adult: 13, US Pop: 8, AUS: --, NZ: --
Certifications: US: Gold
Album: Take It All Away

Year: 2005
Single: "40 Kinds of Sadness"
Peak chart positions: US: --, US AC: --, US Adult: --, US Pop: --, AUS: --, NZ: --
Certifications: US: --
Album: You Stand Watching

Single: "Shine On"
Peak chart positions: US: 86, US AC: --, US Adult: --, US Pop: 25, AUS: --, NZ: --
Certifications: US: --
Album: You Stand Watching

Single: "Photo"
Peak chart positions: US: --, US AC: --, US Adult: --, US Pop: --, AUS: --, NZ: --
Certifications: US: --
Album: You Stand Watching

Year: 2006
Single: "I Will Remember You"
Peak chart positions: US: --, US AC: --, US Adult: --, US Pop: --, AUS: --, NZ: --
Certifications: US: --
Album: The Moon Under Water

Year: 2008
Single: "Say"
Peak chart positions: US: --, US AC: --, US Adult: --, US Pop: --, AUS: --, NZ: --
Certifications: US: --
Album: The Moon Under Water

Single: "Enemies"
Peak chart positions: US: --, US AC: --, US Adult: --, US Pop: --, AUS: --, NZ: --
Certifications: US: --
Album: The Moon Under Water

Music Videos

Year: 2004
Title: "On The Way Down"
Director(s): Dean Paraskevopoulos

Title: "True"
Director(s): Kevin Kerslake

Year: 2005
Title: "40 Kinds of Sadness"
Director(s): Bill Fishman

Title: "Shine On"
Director(s): Kevin Kerslake

Year: 2006
Title: "Photo"
Director(s): Everado and Leopoldo Gout

Year: 2008
Title: "Say"
Director(s): N/A

Title: "Enemies"
Director(s): N/A



Guitarist, songwriter, and Texas native Ryan Cabrera never planned on a career in music. His hobby turned into a passion after hearing Dave Matthews, causing him to turn his back on the noisy punk rock of his high-school band, Caine, and pick up an acoustic guitar for the newly minted Rubic's Groove. The group found popularity in the Dallas area, sharing stages with Cheap Trick, Ben Harper, and Third Eye Blind, before Cabrera's departure. Making the most of a block of studio time -- a birthday present from his brother -- the high-school dropout cut three original songs that impressed the engineer enough to offer the opportunity to do a full-length -- for free. Elm Street was a self-released success, selling out locally and garnering favorable reviews and a deluge of Internet orders. In 2001, Cabrera signed to Atlantic, which scheduled the long-player Take It All Away for release in 2004. Assisting behind the boards were Sabelle Breer and Curt Frasca (Avril Lavigne), Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams), and co-producer Johnny Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls). You Stand Watching arrived in 2005, followed by Moon Under Water in 2008. ~ James Christopher Monger, All Music Guide