Helsinki, Central Finland, FIN

Authentic shaman songs from Siberia - Recreated for violin, voice and stomping.


SHAMANVIOLIN was created out of old wax-cylinder recordings sung by
real shamans from the Ob and Yenisei-river districts in Siberia.

SHAMANVIOLIN is a fully acoustic solo performance where traditional
violin is modified through tuning and playing techniques. It is a one-man band with simultaneous playing, vocal sounds and stomping.

SHAMANVIOLIN is created by Mr. Tuomas Rounakari; violinist, composer and an MA ethnomusicologist specialised in ritualistic music of Finno-Ugric and Arctic peoples. He has studied composition at the New School University in New York City and graduated with honors from Helsinki University. He has done field-work among Khanty people in Siberia and is an expert on Karelian laments.

SHAMANVIOLIN performances have taken place at The Finnish National Theatre, Alfred VeDvore Theatre (Praque), The Helsinki Festival, Hollola Medieval Days, Russian Ogurets Prasdnik (Suzdal). And many more unforgettable events!

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Shamanviolin (2009)

Set List

The performance can be fitted to your needs. It can be an aggressive ice-breaker with 2-3 of the wildest songs or an intimate evening with story-telling where time is easily forgotten. Total duration from 15 to 100minutes.