Shameless Children

Shameless Children


Founded by a “Shameless" Brother & Sister Duo (Haal & Om), this Rock-Metal band writes creative and emotive songs, and delivers Fun & High energy performances. This band is ready to deliver a great show and Rock-Out your venue! Book This Band Today! Dedicated to help Children affected by Tragedies


What sets "Shameless Children" apart from other emerging bands is this "Brother & Sister" talents and abilities to write and produce emotive original songs that appeal to everyone, from all walks of life at any age!

Haal & Om spent 2 years in the studio writing, arranging, composing, recording and producing "Behind Closed Doors", a 10-track awesome album, riddled with powerhouse songs, melodic vocals, captivating hooks, heavy guitars, screaming solos, dynamic arrangements and strong genuine lyrics that speak simply to anyone willing to look bravely at their own lives, and the lives of others in our global society!

Within each song, there is an adventurous and unpredictable journey sure to engage both the rational and irrational faculties of any audience, leading one at once into the emotional and psychological terrain of duality, where the whole of reality, both light and dark, good and bad, strong and weak are welcomed and reflected as equally valid parts of the true human experience.

Haal & Om signed on Jon (on drums), and Bruno (on bass) to complete the line up for their band "shameless Children".

"Shameless Children" is committed to help all deprived, displaced and needy Children around the globe. This band is raising funds for charity with their song "The Meantime" for children affected by tragedies! Please Do spread the word & Download (using PayPal Only), "The Meantime" at or to benefit the children affected by the War in Iraq and the tragedy in "Darfur".

** The song "Elephant" Music Performance video coming up soon! Check out this page soon again!


"Behind Closed Doors", a 10-track Powerful album! Scheduled to be released nationally under Invincible Records Int'l, LLC.

Set List

The band can put on a show for an hour and thirty minuets "complete set", performing songs from their album "Behind Closed Doors"! (including some cover songs). Additionally, the band is ready to perform a 45 minuits short-list of their regular set, as well as an amazing acoustical improvised version of their album, which is also a 45 minuets set. These sets will allow the band to be booked at variety of venues with different time allotments. The band is also prepared to perform a tight 20 minuits set, for short promotional appearances!