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Shamik is a beatboxer/ vocalist based in Vancouver known for crushing basslines, crisp rhythms, and a'cappella DJ sets. He has performed in 15 countries and 5 continents.


Shamik hears music in his head and uses beatboxing to bring it to life. He has performed in Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, India, Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Peru. Shamik's vocal percussion is a language communicated with crushing basslines and crisp rhythms, like an acappella DJ set going from genre to genre.

He began singing as a child with his older brother, Vivek Shraya, and always had a knack for making sounds. This transformed into his ability to mimic voices and music. Shamik's taste in music was all over the map as he listened to rhythms and melodies to learn. He grew up listening to his father's pop, r & b, and disco records. Junior high was his time to love rock and hip hop. When he reached high school he learned of an artform called beatboxing. Over the next few years, he began studying the work of other beatboxers including The Fatboys, Biz Markie, Doug E. Fresh and Rahzel. In 2001, Shamik met fellow beatboxer Sami Elber aka Unkle $am. They shared ideas, and Shamik repeatedly practiced the basics of beatboxing. He isolated sounds like the kick, snare, and bassline to build his skills. After performing together at shows, parties, fundraisers, and on street corners, Shamik began to get noticed in his hometown of Edmonton. His discovery of trip hop, dub, and other forms of electronica triggered his goal to make noises that played tricks on his audience's minds.

In 2005, Shamik was invited by DJ Degree to open for 3-time World DMC champion DJ Craze of Miami. This show was a pinnacle in his career as his live show was witnessed by music promoters from Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver. They realized that booking Shamik to open for headliners brought crowds to the dance floor. He continued his growth by beatboxing all over Western Canada. That year he performed at two events with over 2000 people each alongside Kenny Ken, Ferry Corsten, and Yoji Biomehanika. 2006 marked Shamik's first appearance at Shambhala Music Festival, which is arguably the biggest electronica festival in Canada. He went on to open for one of the world's best beatboxers, Killa Kela. Their encounter impacted Shamik a great deal and inspired him to believe that the possibilities are endless. He also did a show with one of hip hop's founders, DJ Kool Herc. Beatboxing is often associated with hip hop music, but Shamik decided to perform at every kind of show no matter what genre of music.

In April of 2007, Shamik embarked on his first international tour performing in India and Malaysia. Highlights included sets at Ministry of Sound in New Delhi, Taika Club in Bangalore, and Laundry Bar in Kuala Lumpur. Upon his return to Canada, Shamik performed at the Vancouver Island Musicfest. It was a great experience meeting and sharing the stage with Inuit throat singer, Tanya Tagaq. Later that year he was featured on 3 songs on Tagaq's “Auk” album. Shamik made his second straight Shambhala appearance in 2007. This was another turning point in his career as he beatboxed for 5000 people after dubstep pioneer, Skream, and before San Francisco heavyweight, Bassnectar. September brought Shamik to perform in New York City, where he showcased at the Indian Electronica Festival and the Rubin Museum of Art. He also performed alongside Jon H, Nickodemus, and Quantic at Turntables on The Hudson's 9 year anniversary party. In October, Shamik was booked with turntable legend, DJ Q-bert for a third time. At the show Q-Bert and Shamik performed a fifteen minute unrehearsed jam session. Their chemistry was amazing and Q-Bert invited Shamik to do another show with him later that week in San Francisco. That year Shamik released his first solo album, “Equal Eyes.” In November, Unkle $am & Shamik were invited by Boodang Music Canada to open for hip hop icon, Method Man, in 6 cities across Canada. Their live show consisted of beatboxing and MC’ing for 20-30 mintues. The year wrapped up with Shamik doing a five city tour in India in Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, and New Delhi. Highlights included "Rise," which was a 3000 person event in Pune, touring with Sub Swara, and the Sunburn Festival in Goa.

2008 began with Shamik touring in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan. He also performed at Q-Bar, Bed, and 808 which are three reputable clubs in Bangkok, Thailand. These shows were alongside Kutmasta Kurt and Shimon. Tanya Tagaq invited Shamik to perform at Colours of Ostrava (Czech Republic), Strawberry Moon (Ontario), and National Women's Aboriginal Summit (Northwest Territories) that summer. In addition, Shamik performed with Bassnectar right after Thievery Corporation to over 10 000 people at the first ever Rothbury Festival in Michigan. Shamik made his third straight appearance at Shambhala in August where he did multiple sets. During the hip hop showcase at Shambhala, he performed amidst a rain and hail storm which was followed by surprising sunlight. He recei


Nomadic Injections (2010)
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Equal Eyes (2007)
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Set List

Imagine a DJ opening his / her set with a song, and then mixing from genre to genre by switching tracks. That is how Shamik performs by using beatboxing to mix from hip hop, drum and bass, techno, dub, to jazz without stopping. Shamik has been known to include a cover or two to get the crowd going. His sets lengths vary from 15-45 minutes.