Electrifying! Soulful! Music that wraps around your heart. Listening to Shamora's music is a religious experience.


Striker Records presents Shamora, child
prodigy turned music mogul. Profound is her
understanding of love, life and music. Shamora infuses this unsung wisdom into her lyrics and
melodies bringing the listener into her world. Intimacy and soul inspiring, describes the atmosphere of a Shamora performance. Her audience is led into a world of deep emotional revelation. Victories, defeats, hurts, joys, are all celebrated in her eclectic pre-debut ensemble titled "How It Feels...". Striker Records is currently sharing the Shamora
experince in appropriate venues. Although the Atlanta metro area is our main point of exposure, we plan to include New York, Philly, D.C. and overseas in the near future.
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Shamora has written and produced songs for major recording artists such as: Monica, J.Lo, Blu Cantrell, Virtue (Dove award recipient), and many more! Now she's taking center stage with her very own project. "Betcha" off of her debut album is now being played on Soul Power, a BBC 1Xtra station in London. She also won Tom Joyner's Big Break Contest at the Atlanta, Ga Sky Show featuring Earth, Wind and Fire. You can watch the Sky Show on TV 1.

Set List

Shamora starts off with an intro, and then goes into her exciting up tempo "Whatcha Gon' Do", then onto "My Life", "Da da", "Betcha", "Rain", "Juke Joint", and "Cry No More". There is also a section in the show where she does some cover tunes, which include: "All I Do" by Stevie Wonder, and "The Way" and "Golden" by Jill Scott.