West Covina, California, USA

We're 3-young men from the city of West Covina with an unwavering commitment to quality music. We've set standards for our creativity and have goals to match. The live show is the pinnacle of what we do and we're determined to make that a fun, entertaining and inspiring experience. We are Shamploo.


Less than a decade ago, in the quiet town of West Covina, two like-minded individuals met innocently in AP Psychology class at West Covina high school. Albert Lee and Daniel Angarita found a common interest in the creation of music. After playing in an array of failed bands, and on the verge of calling it quits, Albert decided to use a new resource to find the perfect drummer to complete their line-up. It was called ‘The Internet’ and after a quick clearing of his internet history, Albert stumbled upon a fresh-faced drummer named Sean Kallas. It had just so happened that Albert and Sean were both taking classes at Mt. SAC at the time so it wasn’t completely weird. Sean also had an insatiable itch to be in a successful rock band. After some email correspondence the three met up for a jam session on June 10th, 2011 that would change their lives forever. Not long after, Shamploo was formed.


EP: A-Sides (2012)