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Independant Hip-hop at its best. Shamroc is a very creative Producer, as well as a talented MC, with some of the most catchy punchlines Hip-hop fans have heard in a long time.


I was born Jesse Gogarty, in Virginia Beach, VA on Sept. 27th, 1980. My father gave me a Tascam 244 four track recording device at the age of 11. Many hours were invested in that machine, even at my early age. My music influences include: Cypress Hill, KRS-One, De la Soul, Brand Nubian, A Tribe Called Quest, and The Neptunes. With $12 my partner, (W Fresh) and I, (then J Smoov), recorded a demo at Lynhaven Mall in Virginia. I was pretty unhappy with the demo, so I proceded with constructing my own beats. "It started from scratch no mics, keyboards, or beat machines/ a pair of broken headphones, oh I can speak through these/ then use my mouth to make the beat/ gain some clout up in the street/ hopefully I'll make some cheese/ and buy a set of keys/". I attended Kempsville High School in Virginia Beach where I was asked not to return during my 10th grade year. In 1999 I moved to Myrtle Beach and got my GED. After getting my (Good Enough Diploma), I started working at 40’s Irish House in Garden City. "Well at last he goes/ f*ckin with those nasty hoes/ crack 'em like pistachios/ made some cash & bought himself a Casio/ well now it's f*ckin on/ thinkin all my luck was gone/ it's like I made a wish, someone granted it & struck a wand/". A couple paychecks later, I ended up with a Roland MC 303 beat machine and began doing shows after work at Alleycats. In 2000, Tribeca opened up in Myrtle Beach which provided me with several nights a week where I could get my music out to local Hip-hop heads. It was during this time I began brushing up my Producing, MC and Dj skills while hosting local freestyle battles. In 2001, I got to open up for Method Man/Redman (How High Tour) @ The House of Blues (SC). Red & Meth were almost 4 hrs late, so I was on stage a little longer than scheduled. It was definately a good learning experience. In 2003, I opened up for Snoop Dogg, again @ The House of Blues (SC). Later that year, I won Def Jam’s/98.5’s Rep yo City Contest @ Club Atlantis in Myrtle Beach. "Go head & forfeit/ while Sham keeps the planets in orbit/ slick like the floor's wet/ hop in a Corvette/ for the poor on some unlockin your door sh*t/ room & board/ you could say a unit for storage/ soon as it hits mornin/ yo the nightwriter's snorin/ had a dream that somebody bit my rhymes to record 'em/ your lies die from boredom/ 5 guys destroy 'em/ don't tamper with the champ man go get your p*ssy pampered, so I avoid 'em/ they tried to spit but they got cramps & felt bloated/ then their tampon exploded/ I'm too hot with the Groovebox/ cocked & fully loaded/ 67 in the clip/ they ain't ready for this sh*t/ dully noted/ roll the credits/ that's it the movies over/ who me, sober?/ at the moment I'ma 2 leaf clover/ I'm pushing a whip that screams please pull me over/ I stopped in the right lane, man I couldn't find a shoulder/ I'm takin my water wings off & jumpin in the deep end/ I lost Eric Friday/ I ain't seen him all weekend/ don't see me creepin/ invisible heat seekin/ reasons & leave beacons whenever the beat's speakin descent/ my '93 sh*t is better than your recent/ piece of sh*t waste of a blank cd/ it stank so sweet/ then I burned the pencils, melt pens/ help them learn what's simple/ turn heads like FEDS, nice legs, or breakdancin' cripple"........(quotes from Avalon)

With no major record deal offers, Eskimo and I formed Mildew Music, Inc. in 2004. Since forming our company we have learned several lessons in this music business and anticipate more to come. It is frustrating listening to all of the garbage that makes it into the mainstream these days. I am currently working on my 2nd album, “The Day I Married the Mic”, which will be released in 2006.


Movies in Real Life

Written By: Shamroc - Jesse Thomas Gogarty

Ay, yo, sometimes a movie can feel so real/ everybody's got stories that should be caught on film/ whether action, drama, romance or comedy/ my pen becomes a camera so the public eye can see... 2 times

Verse 1:
Ay yo I'm Fast and I'm Furious/ Gone in Sixty Seconds/with these methods Driven swiftly to switch records/ I Die Hard/ about to go The Whole Nine Yards/ Behind Enemy lines/ it's showtime/ so Drive Smart/ my Final Destination is a Vegas Vacation/ wit Chevy Chase in the wagon changin the radio station/ bunch of Goodfellows waitin at the Casino for beano/ got Deniro, & Pesci, Scorcese & Tarrintino/ it's Risky Business for someone like you to Snatch powder/ you Dirty Dancing with the devil in the Dark Tower/ but all that shit's irrelivant/ my Final Fantasy's to find True Romance in The Fifth Element/ get Half Baked for the smell of it/ but don't say a word/ take a Joyride for the hell of it/ behavior is disturbed/ should I curb my enthusiasm/ with Sam Adams/ last summer i know what you did/ I got your number/ I make you Scream 3 times/ and you Home Alone too/ got 4 Lethal Weapons steppin out a Phone Booth/ made that 8 millimeter movie showin' your booty/ in 15 min., you're Almost Famous & off duty/ see a hooker at the point/ From Dusk till Dawn/ you can get all the head you want/ just hook her up wit a joint/ I'm frantic/ catch a Swordfish off the Titantic/ got locked in a room wit Jodie Foster so i paniced/ I joined The Breakfast Club/ don't even ask (nope)/ I joined the Fight Club & "bitch tits" kicked my ass (yup)/ I'm all About the Benjamins & Dead Presidents/ Mo' Money mo' cash/ got me chasin Stacey Dash/ I been doing Dirty Work/ & some Very Bad Things/ god damn/ Super Troopers turnin Avalon to Copland/ they got Sham more than a couple times/ but that's Once upon a Crime/ another story in a rhyme...

chorus 2 times

verse 2:
slay rappers with my Sixth Sense/ all I see is dead people/ in the Major League with Nothing to Lose then make a sequel/ The Clockwatcher/ Sleepwalker/ call me The New Guy/ see How High Sham can get/ now you try/ I got a Pretty Woman that's Waiting to Exhale/ soon I'll have some Sex, Lies, & Videotape for sale/ she gave the true meaning to that backyard's phat/ shit I Can't Hardly Wait to get That Darn Cat/ then she started Riding in Cars with Boys/ Kissing a Fool/ now it's War of the Roses/ Liar Liar & she knows it/ no shit/ I'm focused with Great Expectations/ A Beautiful Mind/ I'm trying to show the world that I truly can rhyme/ I'm standing where the real life & movies combined/ & the view here is fine/ thoughts blindin/ like The Shining/ perfect timing/ got sent Back From the Future to stop your ass from rhyming/ delivering Mystic Pizza thru Rush Hour Traffic/ Dazed & Confused, Changing Lanes, What's the Worst that Could Happen/ with no radio/ it had a Deep Impact on the rapping/ Jason hooked up with the Muppets & they all took Manhattan/ yeah, & now it's even harder to Escape From New York/ all the Planes, Trains, & Automobiles won't even work/ I'm the man with two brains/ you can call me The Jerk/ He Got Game/ enough to get all in your skirt/ gate number 9/ talk to Ben Stein about the Red Eye/ I'm Gone til November but Return like the Jedi/ then I strike back/ show me where the mic's at/ smokin like a Jay/ then I ask Silent Bob where the pipe's at/ Jessica Biel/ I'm trying to undress her for real/ not when she's washed up/ co-hostin Let's make a Deal/ on Hollywood Squares/ dude I'm already there/ I take Whoopi for the win, bitch & not even care...

Chorus 2 times

(spoken outro) Sometime's life is like a movie, right. Sometime's a movie's like your life... & you the director, baby... Shamroc... Mildew Music... we out.


"Sleepless Nights" Now Available. "The Day I Married the Mic" Coming Soon!

Set List

"My Favorite Things"
"A Dream"
"Gotta Have Something"
"Night Train"
"Movies in Real Life"

45 - 60 min.
has enough material for more if needed.