Shana Alverson Band

Shana Alverson Band


Acoustic rock with female lead vocals. Singer has incredibly strong vocals, plays acoustic and electric, and has a very good look. Originals are very radio friendly.


Shana (vocals) and Jimmy (violin) were both classically trained for about 8 years before switching to rock style. Very melodic songs are held together by tight but dynamic drums and bass. Live show is very energetic. Been compared to Sheryl Crow meets Dave Matthews Band.


Shana Alverson - Full length album
Southern Sky - Single heard on MTV's Real World and on the Superfly Sampler CD from Jazzfest 2002 in New Orleans
3 song demo completed 4/02

Set List

Venue Headliner - 13 originals / 5 covers / 3 hrs
Venue Opener - 8 originals / 2 or 3 covers / 1 hr
Party - 10 Originals / 10 covers / 3.5 hrs
Covers include - Turn Off The Light, Sweet Child Of Mine, Devil Went Down To Georgia, Bobby McGee ...