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"Teacher Testimonial"

Your music is so great and original; take it from one who knows kids...been teaching them for over thirty years. - Linda F., Hollywood

"Child Testimonial"

Shana Banana has made my life more interesting. She is special to me because I love the way she sings funny songs. She has let me see humor in ordinary things in life. When I feel sad and think about one of her songs, I feel happy and it makes me laugh. - Stacy, age 7

"Teacher/Parent Testimonial"

I was a preschool teacher for 4 years here when I first moved to Florida. I simply LOVE what you are doing. You are slowly replacing Captain Kangaroo in my heart. You are wonderful! - Karen, St. Petersburg

"Teacher Testimonial"

Shana, I am Paul Morrell, I met you yesterday in...Pensacola, FL. I am the PreK music teacher that Jill introduced to you.

First of all I want to thank you for the wonderful program you presented. I was totally impressed with your energy, style, and focus. I took notes the entire time and will be using your techniques and concepts in my classes. I was deeply touched when I saw you posing with the children for pictures following the program. That was so important to the children; they will remember you because you took the time to make each one of them feel important.

My head is spinning with ideas from yesterday. So many things you did impressed me I really don't know where to begin. - Paul Morrell, Pensacola

"Shana Banana"

Balloons were bouncing in the breeze, as children circled the colorfully-decorated steps of the Cornelius Town Hall for the lively performance of Shana Banana Saturday afternoon.

Shana Banana mixes movement, music, imagination, silliness and learning for a performance children will never forget.

"Are you ready to go bananas" Shana spurred the audience.

Children, parents, and grandparents joined together in tapping their feet, clapping their hands and following along as Shana danced around the stage and through the crowd, inviting children to perform along with her. Babies and toddlers were lying on picnic blankets with bright eyes focused on Shana, as they bounced along to the songs.

Shana sang songs like "I Wanna be a Dinosaur," in which she named and acted like different dinosaurs. "Toothbrush Rock" taught the children the importance of brushing their teeth.

Shana made certain to include everyone in her performances.

Everyone enjoyed the "I Am a Robot, I Will Clean My Room" song; the children loved acting like robots, and the parents agreed with the lyrics.

Shana's excitement carries over to her audiences. It was a performance full of fun and learning. - Davidson Gazette


WOW! What a great show! Shana Banana was terrific and the kids went wild over her. She greeted them before the show and signed autographs after the show...what a treat for them! Shana was a pleasure to work with and I am looking forward to working with her again. - Children's Theater of Danville

"Shana Banana Teaches Children the Value of Love"

She wore a banana necklace. She wore bananas on her hat. Her nickname is Banana.

"We're going to celebrate Valentine's Day and we're going to go bananas when we do it," Shana Banana she kicked off an hour-long show of songs and dance for children and their families. About 200 people attended the event.

Shana Banana, dressed in bright yellow, sang songs about going to the library, dinosaurs, positive words, using your imagination, hugging people you love, and being "big, small, short, or tall."

Shana Banana encouraged the kids to sing along with her as they clapped, wiggled about and hopped up and down. During a song about went up to family members and hugged them. Jenna Hendricks, 3, embraced her grandmother, Mary Taylor of Atlantic Beach. "They're enjoying this," saud Taylor, who brought four grandchildren to the event. Jenna's sister, Jamie Hendricks, 9, agreed. "I loved it," she said at the end of the show. "I loved the love part." - Jacksonville Times-Union

"Theater Testimonial"

Thank you for a super performance. It was so much fun having you here, and we look forward to next summer! - Center Place Theater, Brandon

"Parent Testimonial"

I love how much fun Shana Banana's songs are. She has all the things that a PARENT looks for in music for their child. It's peppy and upbeat (with a few mellow songs for bedtime). Her songs teach and entertain. - Robin Harper, Ft. Lauderdale

"Parent Testimonial"

My 14-month old daughter Vanessa and I attended your show today, and enjoyed every moment of your interactive show. We were pleasantly surprised with your creative songs and dance and overall performance. Thank you for your tireless efforts to better children's lives and the adults who are lucky enough to stand by them. It really was a special event--this will surely be the first of many for us. - Sasha Nunnally, Destin


CD: "Music and Fun for Kids"
CD: "Song In My Pocket"
CD Single: "Heartbeat of the Earth" (international release in May 2006 for the Earth Scouths
DVD: "Banana Yoga" (musical yoga for kids)
Video: "Music and Fun for Kids"
Newest CD (2009): "Banana Bedtime" (lullaby CD) and "Banana Beach Party"
CD: "Banana Bedtime"



What do you do with a Masters' Degree in Oceanography? Become a national children's entertainer, of course! After exploring exotic ports of call on a marine research vessel, Shana Banana decided to take a leap of faith and explore her creative talents in singing, guitar, songwriting, and dance. Her mother's preschool is where Shana discovered and developed her incredible joy of creating and performing songs for children. Over the years, Shana Banana's talent and reputation have earned her a rightful place among today's top children's entertainers.

Performing at major festivals and performing arts centers across the United States, Shana Banana has earned many prestigious awards along the way, including: Parents' Choice, NAPPA, Kids' First (Coalition for Quality Children's Media), Just Plain Folks (Best Children's Song Winner, 2003), two first-round Grammy nominations, Family and Children's Entertainer of the Year nominations for the National Association of Campus Activities).

Shana Banana continues to develop a variety of themed and general entertainment live shows, study guides, and workshops for teachers, parents, and of course, KIDS!

Roar like a dinosaur! Pop like a pocorn! Make a silly face! Sing at the top of your lungs! In other words, GO BANANAS! Shana Banana is one of America's most beloved children's entertainers. With a diehard following in the southeast, she is steadily gaining national recognition with her fun, original, and interactive music show for children of all ages.

Shana also composes and performs music for grown-ups, with a voice that's been described by "Nashville Scene" as a "cross between Cassandra Wilson and the jazzier excursions of Joni Mitchell."

Shana has also done numerous voice overs for international toy companies.

For bookings, contact Pat Fenda at Strictly Entertainment:, or 813-872-0300 ext. 1.