Shana David

Shana David

 Duluth, Minnesota, USA

"Absurd but poignant," says the AP, Shana David's music draws from a variety of genres. Whether arranged for a piano and vocals, moog, acoustic guitar, a violin/piano duet or for brass ensemble her music uses complex harmonies, a sweet sentiment and, more often than not, cupcakes.


Shana David discovered what fun it is to compose at age nine, the year she wrote a song for her summer camp clarinet ensemble. She still enjoys most the challenge of composing pieces with eclectic instrumentation.

She has performed her music, primarily piano based power pop, in Boston, New York, Jacksonville, Florida and Duluth, MN where she currently resides. Shana was selected to perform in the Go Tour Road Show and has been commissioned by both the Jacksonville Film Festival and Theatre Jacksonville. She is also an elementary music educator who includes David Bowie songs in her curriculum whenever possible, and has received a grant from the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra to pilot a children's Ukulele Ensemble called The Flea Circus.

Shana received a Bachelor of Music from Berklee College of Music. Her primary course of study was vocal performance but she dabbled a bit, as she is wont to do, playing bass clarinet in a Klezmer ensemble and working as composer and lyricist on "Weight Loss Center of the Damned," a musical about an obese preteen preparing for her Bat Mitzvah while resisting Satan who is posing, of course, as a nutritionist.

Her first EP, "Terminally Bourgeois," as Andre Breton declared all music to be, was released in October, 2006 by Shrug Records. It is a 70g white vinyl 7" that features artwork by local Jacksonville artist and collaborator Ryan Strasser. An MG-1 Mini-Synth (played by Shana) and vocals (also Shana) are, "...nothing short of delightful," or so said Jacksonville's Folio Weekly. They also called it "witty," with lyrics that are "clever as hell," and referred to the album as, "a super neat collection of short funness," a phrase that rather aptly describes Shana herself.


I Fucked Up

Written By: Shana David

I could bake you a cake,
sing you a song,
say what I knew all a goddamn long:
we were right for each other
and I fucked up.

I fed your fish
to my cat
I called you stupid and ugly and fat
we were right for each other,
and I fucked up.

Why did you have to grow balls
and fly away?
I'm sorry I said I'd always thought you were gay when you kissed me.
I won't talk behind your back,
just take me back.

Baby I know this would work
if I could quit being a big old jerk.
We were happy together
and I fucked up.
I broke my own heart
when I fucked up.

Bad Sandwich

Written By: Shana David

Peanut butter and jealousy
life was simple when you were with me, now you're gone.
I can't go on.

Went to the jukebox and played our song, danced with other boys the whole night long,
it was fun.
But you're the one.

Saw you out together last Tuesday.
Had to pretend that we hadn't just played around
an hour or two ago.
If you think that was easy for me
then you don't know me at all,
'cause I still could fall for you.

Peanut butter and jealousy,
that's the sandwich you make with me, I could wish
for no other dish.

Minnesota Nice

Written By: David

Minnesota Nice beats Southern Hospitality with a stick.
What's the trick?
Maybe, baby, say we New Yorkers.
We never can commit.
Minnesotans come through.
Minnesota's nice to you.

This chilly land o lakes
gave me the shakes at first,
now I'm at ease.
Honey, please dontcha know,
come back any time.
Minnesota's nice,
for Minnesota life's just fine.

An invitation to a
potluck or a sauna,
Minnesota's nice down to
its flora and its fauna.
Each and every season Minnesotans see no reason
to be anything but nice to you.

Minnesota Nice,
I've got no secrets from you
except the ones I'll keep.
Ice forms a layer a country mile deep 'round your kind old heart.
Minnesota Nice,
what's keeping us apart?
Why you makin' life so hard?


Shana's first (but not last) record is Terminally Bourgeois, an EP released by Shrug Records in October 2006.