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shana gray


modern singer/songwriter pop indie aaa radio flavor; mood driven, original music. tracks listenable also at


People comment that my voice/sound is someplace between fiona apple and sheryl crow, with a hint of early Elton, but I'm not one to comment on such matters...Original, direct, tame with tricky up & downbeat songs, with a complete concept and modern approach to production.


symmetrical lines

Written By: shana gray

only want the world here in my fist
and to know you're in my corner
i feel you smile
when i say i'm a loner

only want to put on all your clothes
and be your wooden hangar
pack the suitcase and go
live where they've never heard of

you take away any sign of weakness
and put some swaggar in it's place
howling out the window
ponderin out yonder
pointing out symmetrical lines

was i too easy to find
but then who the hell am i kidding
i'm still surprised to feel
so goddamn happy

perhaps i'm being too kind
but you see it's like i'm finally living
i tip my hat to perfect strangers
even when
i'm in
new york city

bR: shades cover my eyes as i'm
floating into your air

see that warm wind shining on me
keep that warm wind blowing...

paint the sky,
singing all that we see

flying over ground away on
wings of a hummingbird

sticky jungle

Written By: shana gray

that trick smile of his won't convince me anymore to give in like i once did the one i thought was kind used to rob me blind he'd lead my dumb heart to bleed working every line now baby, walked a crooked line and baby now he's gone Gone wild in the sticky jungle asleep in the jaguar's mouth A sneeze awakes the hunter and he's comin on after you --lover i've gone under and there's nothing that i can do ...Vision blurred by wanderlust i burned my tender trigger finger on, a steel smoking gun not so young or innocent i kept comin back again and again and again, now what's done is done Should have known better maybe, got lost in his eyes and baby now I'm gone Gone wild....

it's like this

Written By: shana gray

hey i've got a message for you
don't you know
here is a feeling
i'm high, i've got something to prove
and i,
find you appealing;
we could ramp it up or
clamp it down
take it all or leave it right where we found it
swing the cat's tail around and around cause it goes...just like this (hey hey) just like this
air's cold where you stand i've been told but inside your fire's burning
beehive buzzing bees in my mind say it's time you were learning
how to shimmy and
how to shake
we could find ourselves inside an earthqua-a-a-ke
we could take this thing wherever we could take it ohh
it's like this (hey hey) just like this

true we may never succeed;
but your chemistry has spilled all over me

hold the holy grail in your mind
seek advice from buddhist men
who say the key to living free is
within you, without you my friend
whip it real good, make it clean
cause you're the best thing that i've ever seen
ahhh ahhh yeah yeah
ahh , ahh yeah yeah


Listened-to and downloadable tracks can be heard via Myspace, ArtistLaunch, and Sonicbids. In 2006, I won both a "Runner Up" and "Honorable Mention" status in Sonicbids' singer/songwriter ( awards, and won BEST FOLK SINGLE OF THE YEAR from the Los Angeles Music Awards.

I have recently relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles, and am available to contact regarding licensing, writing work for other unsigned artists, and collaboration on music for television & film. I am ASCAP and will be continuing to write primarily for other artists.

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