Shana Scudder

Shana Scudder


Indie folk-punk with a melancholy edge and the occasional twang.


Indie folk-punk songstress Shana Scudder has been a performer for 25 years, and a writer for 20. She has performed in venues as diverse as the lobby of her grandmother’s apartment building, concert halls in London, womyn’s music festivals, CBGB’s, and every little bar and coffee shop in between. Her music is adaptable to many venues and audiences and while she prefers to rock out with a full band, she can often be found touring and performing solo acoustic, and bringing that same energy to just her guitar and voice.

Shana’s performance career began in the more classical arts – ballet and violin. Until age 17, she toured with the Lynchburg City Schools String Orchestra and performed locally with the Lynchburg Regional Ballet Theatre. At 17, Shana left home and traveled the country, gathering stories and experiences that would soon appear in her songs. Upon returning to Virginia, Shana picked up the guitar and finally found a way to combine her two great loves – writing and music. The following year, Shana left the South once again, this time for New York City, to study theatre at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts. From there, Shana returned South, to earn her B.A. in English from Guilford College in Greensboro, NC; all the while continuing to hone her interest and skill as a songwriter and musician. It was at this time that Shana recorded her debut EP titled “Ask Again.” Several years later, Shana teamed up with legendary producer and engineer Karen Kane to record her first full-length, self-titled release on her own Little Scudder Records. At that point, Shana began touring and gigging in earnest, hitting venues all up and down the East Coast. In 2004, Shana returned to New York and her career as a performer took another exciting turn, this time into the world of gender performance. Shana created the character Bebe Gunn, a pistol-packing, trailer-park-bred, high femme hellion and performed in venues such as the Knitting Factory main stage as part of Murray Hill’s Cherry Bomb, the 9:30 Club in D.C, as part of The Great Big International Drag King Show, and the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco, as part of a benefit for the Tom Waddell Clinic.

Now Shana is back down South, working on her third studio release, playing music all over the place, and continuing to explore other areas of performance art. Shana’s live performances are intimate encounters where the audience is invited to be part of worlds, both real and imagined, where joy and heartbreak take center stage. Shana shares the deepest parts of herself in her songs and invites the audience to share in some of her most precious moments, the ugliest and the most beautiful, depicting scenes of life fully lived.



Written By: Shana Scudder

Made a big mess
back down in my hometown
it was another woman;
the bossman let me go.
So I headed up North
gonna Start a new life
I found a boy and we just hit the road

Now it's one year later and I can't stand the sight of him
And I get her letters about 3 times a week
When the whiskey hits
I just can't help calling
Saying I miss my girl, is my home still the same

I'm going home to Carolina
These city lights won't let me sleep
I'm coming home to my beautiful girl
In her arms I hope they bury me

It was the whiskey's fault, that's all I'm saying
Got drunk one night and I just hit the road
Can't get New Jersey far enough behind me
Can't get my life together up here in the cold
Now I'm driving down, Southbound on the highway
My eyes are trained on that upward spill of black
All my ears are hearing are her beautiful words
Saying I forgive you, baby I'll take you back

Come Over Me

Written By: Shana Scudder

Crack your lips
on this one baby
you cannot kiss, you can only explode

Come over me

I'll dance for you
will you be my witness
I'll keep your hands
tied behind your back

Come over me

How much more of this can you take
I just wanna watch you break
and crack your guilty smile
and watch you stand on trial

Come over me


"Ask Again," EP, 1999
"Shana Scudder," LP, 2002

Set List

Shana usually plays 90-minute sets, but that is very flexible. A typical set list would be:
Light Up
Only the Sky
Come Over Me
Rise From the Dead
Answer Me
Gasoline Can Trophy
Give Me A Way
Breathing Underground
Straw & Fire
Shake through to Ugly -- Rose Polenzani
Oh My Lover -- PJ Harvey
Pissing in the River -- Patti Smith