Shanay Holmes

Shanay Holmes

 London, England, GBR

Shanay Holmes is a burgeoning Pop and R&B singer/songwriter. Recent star of the West End show 'Thriller Live' Shanay writes and performs popular music that really connects.


An experienced performer Shanay trained in the performing arts and has been a lead in the West End show 'Thriller Live' performing to over 1000 people 7 times a week and to arena crowds on the 'Thriller Live' tour.

A familiar face on the live circuit Shanay has performed at most live music showcases in London and regularly performs at high end private functions and corporate events.

Shanay trained in the performing arts but it was in Camden’s urban youth choir 'Volume Voices' and by meticulously dissecting Pop/R&B icons like Janet Jackson, Beyonce and Aaliyah that Shanay developed her distinctive pop vocals and songwriting style.

Shanay's distinctive tone and high soprano vocal range make her effortless rifting over authentic R&B, Electronic and Hip Hop all the more impressive, but it's Shanay's ability to write and perform music with real meaning that connects her to the audience and makes her really stand out.

‘My songs can be of any genre but all my songs have a clear concept, something that you can connect to. They might make you want to smile, dance or make a change but they all have a purpose’ says Shanay ‘and it’s that purpose I communicate to the audience when I perform.’


I Can See You

Written By: Shanay Holmes

You tell yourself that you don't need nobody
Don't need no one
You tell yourself you don't need anybody
Because your strong

But your lying to yourself
Think you do't need nobody else
Your wrong

If you live for tomorrow, today's of no use
Don't drown in your sorrow, you can find away through
If you give all you've got, then you've got nothing to lose
I can see you, you are your truth

You tell yourself that you can be somebody
Can be someone
You tell your pself your nit just anybody
Your time will come

Your only waiting on yourself
On you and nonone else
Your the one


No, don'tyou throw it away
If you live for today then you own it
Be the best you that you can be
Stay true to your destiny
Don't Let go

Chorus x 2