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A Mountain Laying Flat

Written By: ShandiJewel

Your best friend died young
She was alone and in the street
The best you hoped for then
Was a kind heart’s sympathy
And then you turned to me
Imagine that

The facts were cold and hard
A will too strong to try to bend
Not quite a leap of faith
You jumped with eyes wide open
Holding on while I fell in
Imagine that

You knew I cared yet you were sure I couldn’t
Knew I’d try to love you when we both knew I shouldn’t
But now the hurt between us is like a mountain laying flat
Imagine that

You didn’t want to slip
Think you could trust what you could see
But through the little lies
You told yourself and me
I learned how not to be
Imagine that

And then, one day
I couldn’t take it anymore
Does it surprise you this ain’t no act
Imagine that