Shane KIdd

Shane KIdd

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
SoloHip Hop

With a solid hold on conscious ideas and Christian inspiration, Shane Kidd embodies a New York sound with the conscious spin akin to hip-hop legends Common and Mos Def.


Raised in Dallas now living in Atlanta while being raised in the south, Shane gravitated towards Hip Hop's home New York for his Listening choice. As he heard more and he gained an affinity for the Conscious Artist like Common and Mos Def. Eventually Shane picked up a pen and pad desiring to be a Conscious Emcee who is conscious of Christ. His music can be described as "theme music for dreamers", striving to stay true to the idea of what an Emcee is as Rakim said "M.C. mean move the crowd" so let's move them to dream and grow.

On April 17, 2010 He released his Debut album Student of Life which highlighted his lyricism. In Holy Cultures review DJ Gravity expressed Shane as having a smooth style with a touch of grit where its needed. He adapts well to the music and phrasing to make tracks sound appealing which is hugely important when recording an album. The Lead single Hallway Journeys Featured Cross Movement Records artist k-Drama reached #30 on Wade-O Radios 2010 end of the year countdown.

On Jan 22, 2013 Shane Kidd release a free EP Learn to Live with the tag line of Renewing Minds and Redeeming Dreams. Stone of Hip Hop Speakeasy described the EP as Forward-thinking, verbally encouraging and sonically inspiring artists like Shane Kidd and his fellow collaborators do something good for hip hop they bring a light to it that you cant find when listening to some of hip hops rawer, darker music." The EP has shown Shane Kidds maturity as an artist as he moved towards a more classic Hip Hop sound but keeping todays modern finesse. The EP was #8 in the Top Albums/Mixtapes of 2013 by Chican Choice.

Shane Kidd is also a free-lance writer and has blogged for the Urban Gospel Mission, Imprint ATL, and Forth District also former content editor for Rapzilla. He has received a B.A. in Sociology from the University of North Texas.


Student of Life - April 17, 2010
Learn to Live Ep - January 22, 2013

Set List

15-30 min set