Shane Gentry and the Nekkid Monday Band

Shane Gentry and the Nekkid Monday Band


It's Nekkid, IT ROCKS!!! This Is A Highly Entertaining All-Original Clothing Optional Rock 'N Roll Experience!!!!!!! These guys are veteran entertainers and great players that can bring a fresh and honest.performance to any event.


Funky ass blues guitar player Shane Gentry offers this collection of tunes to music lovers of both kinds. those who like their music Nekkid AND those who prefer pants!!!!

This band does, in fact, perform at nudist events in the NUDE, or as we say in the south.......NEKKID. Shane Gentry and the Nekkid Monday Band headlined the first ever webcast nudist concert at Florida's Lake Como Nature Preserve in November of 2003. They have been featured on's "Nudes in the News" TV web program, the nudist equivalent of CNN!!!!

Although they are associated with and support the nudist and naturist communities, The Nekkid Monday Band also performs as a clothed, "legit", funk oriented and booty shakin' band that will appeal to those who like their guitar work served hot and deep southern fried!

Joining Shane on this record are several guest bassists, including original SGB bassist Dave Schneider, and drummer Merritt Partridge, who also splits the vocal duties with Shane throughout the album. Merritt has also appeared on tracks with Corrosion of Conformity and other notable North Carolina based artists, such as Nantucket's Tommy Redd and Shirlette Ammons. This album was recorded amd produced by Merritt, who recieved a Gold Record for his engineering work on Big Punisher's "Yeeeah Baby".



Full Length: Shane Gentry and the Nekkid Monday Band
Single: Let It All hang Out, Do U Wanna Go
Streaming:Shake It Down(One Time), Clothes Free, Let It All Hang Out

Set List

Shake It Down (One Time)
Nekkid Dance
When I Was..
Clothes Free
Brazil Nuts (Pt. 1,2,3, and 4; Ode to Vonnie)
When The Day Is Done
14 Days Ago
Let It All Hang Out
Do U Wanna Go
27 Miles 2 The Promised Land

Set can be shortened as needed or extended up to 1.5 hrs.