Most everyone wants someone to know their story. Shane has such keen insight into people that his variety of songs and the fact he sings from his heart reaches many through laughter and/or tears and a feeling that their story has been told.


Shane grew up true country singing from an early age in his families blue grass band. Shane was raised listening to music night and day instilling in him a strong desire to play and sing himself. Shane has won many contests for his singing and writing. He is a storyteller at heart playing with a flavor of country and folk.


The Cry

Written By: Shane Lovell

The Cry
Written and composed by Shane Lovell

There goes my little boy
Riding across the plains
O Lord what joy
Being around him brings
To this ole fool
Who never spent much time in school
But I have learned
Lord, so much from you
And that little boy

Daddy why did God have to let Jesus die
Didn’t He love Him as much as you and I
And I smile, all the way through the cry

That boy’s got his momma’s eyes
Pale blue South Kansas sky
And his heart, like hers before you from the start
Not like mine
A twisted tough and knotty pine
That’s been burned away since I turned to you
And Your little Boy

Daddy we both know that God He is the Boss
Why did He let His Son die up on that cross
I sigh; He did it for you and I
He smiled, all the way through the cry

© 2007 Shane Lovell, All Rights Reserved

Ain’t Gonna Leave Ya

Written By: Shane Lovell

Ain’t Gonna Leave Ya
Written and composed by Shane Lovell

I ain’t ever gonna leave ya
When my body’s gone you might feel me on the air
So trust in the memories of
Knowing that I'll always be there
Little blonde haired girl you came into my world at just the right time

I won’t ever mistreat ya
Dare another man to ever try
I'll keep you safe from any danger
Just love ya for the rest of my life

Cause true ladies like you don’t usually walk into a dreamers joint and
Keep him satisfied, but you do that’s why I want you by my side
When you have to cry, catch your tears before they fall

I ain’t ever gonna leave ya

© 2007 Shane Lovell, All Rights Reserved

I Still Believe

Written By: Shane Lovell

I Still Believe
Written and composed by Shane Lovell

The time has finally come
I’ve gotten over the numb
And I’m goin out again settin goals and reaching them
And I hear you changed your name
To somethin really lame, what was wrong with Charity
It always sounded good to me it’s funny but
I still believe in you

You said you no longer cared
Then you cut off your hair
Cause you know how I like it long
Made it easier to move on
But then them ole memories started callin me
A little at first then all the time
Slowly takin over my mind convincin me
I still believe in you

And all this talk about it makes me wonder
How that I could be such a fool
It’s easy to do I’ve been told a time or two
It’s easy to do

So I take up the reigns
And ride out against the strains
Of the pain I have inside of a man so full of pride
But I harness that energy and make it work for me
Now I’m on top of the game
I’ll never be the same
No one to blame
I still believe in you

© 2009 Shane Lovell, All Rights Reserved


4 CDs recorded non released publically.