shane moses

shane moses


melodic, contemporary- adult alternative rock-


jim croce-john cougar-u2-stevie wonder-a truly unique voice-songs to drive to-look for good things to come


sun in my eyes

Written By: shane moses

vs1-well it's hard to go the distance -so hard to see the difference- de ja vu-yeah knock on wood -when you hear but you don't listen -just drivin in a circle -i'm blue in the face and doin us no good (pre-chorus) and so-through another thin disguise-so what ya want to know? last nite the sun was in my eyes---(chorus) don't stay just go don't wait and see-what will happen when it's draggin on you know it feels just like last nite-sun in my eyes (vs2)The shades of change can be a good reflection croos your fingers oh and break a leg--i'm turned around ann carried away -you haven't seen nothin yet-- (pre-chorus)(chorus)(lead)bridge----- Here's where i make it up -make it as i go right here-well it's the only thing -the only thing that i know------(chorus 2x)-----out......

read my mind

Written By: shane moses

tell me could you read my mind and tell me what you make of it -is it that your just blind or just illeterate? i know wheere your goin -no reason to pretend-for just a moment could you let me in na na na (chorus) do you wanna run away tonite? are you gonna let it go again? why don't you just say it's never easy ? oh could you read my mind? (vs2) late on a friday nite where did my spirits go? yeah we could make this right -baby just let me know--it's never easy -so what's the deal? for just a moment -could you keep this real-na na na(chorus) (bridge) i'm gettin older-yes i feel the pain where is the life that i dream of? i think about it comun in like the waves-sometimes it's not enough (lead)(chorus 2x) out....


Written By: Shane Moses

so i guess you're leavin today -even though i said i'm sorry always seeems to go that way but i'm fine--sweet thing won't you come with me so good you'll never believe it take a while to share my dreams then goodbye---i coul believe it i would believe it yesterday---if you want to look in my eyes understand just what i'm thinkin-you'll see no compromise on this end---you know what i need do you really think you can reach me identify reality-what is reality?-i could believe it -i would believe you yesterday-

Set List

mostly original material-typically 2 or 3 45 min sets