Shane O'Connor Recording

Shane O'Connor Recording


Shane O'Connor is THE indie rock producer and recording engineer in the city of Boston.

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Here are some artists I have worked with:

Tab The Band (engineered)
Cougar In The Workplace (produced, engineered,mixed)
The Blue Pages (produced, engineered)
Protokoll (produced, engineered)
Cassavettes (produced, mixed, mastered, engineered)
Easton Legacy (engineered)
Jean Claude Jam Band( produced, engineered, mixed)
The Peasantry( produced, engineered)
This Is How Rumors Get Started( engineered)
Paparazzi( engineered)
Get Laid( mastered)
The Painted Lights( engineered, ixed)
Brontosaur (engineered, mixed)
The Last Front (produced, engineered, mixed)
All These Kings ( engineered)

This is just a few of the artists that I have had the oportunity to record
email me: for a complete list of credits and past clients.