Shane Owen

Shane Owen


Shane Owen is one of those few singer/ songwriter/musicians that can captivate an audience equipped with nothing more than his voice and his guitar. His unique sound, a blend of rock, folk and pop, is refreshing, intriguing, and stimulating.


As it is with most accomplished musicians, from Johnny Cash to Radiohead, Shane Owen is amazingly talented.

Shane loves to create and perform. For him, music is not just a past time, it’s a way of life. He’s been playing guitar since the age of 14 and, once he started, he couldn’t stop. He refined his skills until he transformed himself into a deft musician, playing not only the guitar, but also the bass guitar, piano, harmonica, and drums. He then began writing music and performing for family and friends. He’s always been a modest person, so it took years before he realized that the compliments he received were sincere. His passion for music began to grow and now Shane is a full-fledged, well-rounded musician/singer/songwriter.

Shane’s music is a satisfying blend of rock, folk, and pop. In his evolution, he experimented with his musical abilities, playing country, folk, blues and jam band. His musical journey significantly contributed to the development of his own unique sound. He is now working on his debut album, which will be self-released later this year.

Set List

Take It Now
Ordinary Things
Faces of Whiskey
Save Me
You Too
Good Side

and many more