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Shane Jacob Philips

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2006 | INDIE | AFM

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE | AFM
Established on Jan, 2006
Band Folk Americana




"Shane Jacob Philips “Social Justice & Peace”"

Shane Jacob Philips releases his excellent new album, “Social Justice & Peace” with a show at The Cornerstone, Guelph on November 8 at 9 p.m. Social Justice and Peace features seven songs with a social conscience intended to provoke the listener to question the current direction we are moving in. As a committed social activist, Philips walks the talk, even if that means walking 102 km straight over 29 hours to deliver a message about water issues to the Ontario Minister of the Environment. Featuring Shane Philips trademark soulful vocals within laid-back folk-style arrangements that allow the lyrics to breath, it is not just a great album but also one where the lyrics deserve closer scrutiny. Music: Shane Jacob Philips, “Freedom” from “Social Justice & Peace” (2014, Self). - Folk Roots Radio

"‘Social Justice & Peace’ by Shane Jacob Philips - songs that cannot fail to reach you"

So an artist releases three albums deeply rooted in the traditions of soul, makes a handbrake turn and decides to branch out into folk. Interesting. Will the pulse of one genre transcend into shanejacobphilipsanother? Will the messages in the songs strike home?

Shane Jacob Philips has released a mini-album or maxi-EP (call it what you will) called ‘Social Justice & Peace’ and the answer to the earlier questions is yes – to the benefit of both. ‘Social Justice & Peace’ is a collection of stories that take the essence of the artist’s soul heritage and weaves it perfectly into a folk narrative. Add a distinctly sonorous richness of voice, the ability to write inspiring lyrics and sharply precise melodies - the combination quite simply hits the spot.

It’s often said that ‘roads travelled’ make the artist and in turn make the music. Turning the devastation of his father’s death, a painful relationship break up, bankruptcy and prison into something altogether cathartic, these journeys encompass working with homeless youth to a passage of dedication to Mount Kilimanjaro. The songs that result convey the expanse of the voyage through a searching examination of the ills affecting the individual and the wider world we all inhabit. Asking questions, demanding answers and sparing no subject, songs like the reality within ‘A New World’, the revealing quest of ‘Traveling On To Mars’ and the personal exploration of ‘Freedom’ deliver depth of feeling that move that part of us we should value the most.

Once you find the music of Shane Jacob Philips there’s a conviction these songs cannot fail to reach you. No doubt about it.

With Shane Jacob Philips providing the vocals, the musicians on ‘Social Justice & Peace’ are Nick Petrowski and Greg Morency (bass) Kevin Fox (cello) Alain Berge (drums) Guy Kaye (guitar) and Kenny Pearson (organ, piano).

Look for ‘Social Justice & Peace’ here:

Reviewer: Tim Carroll - Folk Words

"Shane Philips is an awe-inspiring songwriter/musician"

Shane Philips is an awe-inspiring songwriter/musician whose songs carry a boatload of
meaning. On his newly released album, Social Justice and Peace, Shane shares his
passion for moving people to unite and put down their differences long enough to love
one another. Shane points out in many of his songs, humanity's ongoing struggle to find
value in celebrating our differences.

From start to finish, Philips showcases his unique and powerful singing voice that reminds
me of John Legend (minus the screaming), while the music and songwriting help to make
the entire project a refreshing and easy listen. Social Justice & Peace contains 7 original
tracks, that I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing. What made this such a special album to
listen to is the fact that every song is filled with lyrical substance. Musically, this EP is a
folk music fan's dream. The acoustic guitars, upright bass, strings, and piano come
together to create a laid back atmosphere that lends itself to just about any relaxed

Social Justice & Peace is a nice compilation of songs that provides an amazing
alternative to much of the stuff we hear in mainstream popular culture. The EP does a
great job of showing us what Shane Philips will be bringing to his live performances as he
hits the road in the U.S. It's a pleasure to get to hear such great songwriting amongst all
of the cliche subject matter and meaningless messages in the songs that are topping the
charts these days. I would recommend Shane Philips to anybody who is looking for great
folk music. Make sure you stop by his website and check his tour dates because, he may
be coming to your city soon. Connect with Shane Philips online at:

Reviewer: Shaine Freeman - I am entertainment

"Greg Quill"

Philips is very much his own man,
and his command of the genre -
both as a composer and a singer
of great distinction and emotional
power – is impressive.

Reviewer: Greg Quill - Toronto Star


Still working on that hot first release.



For Shane Jacob Philips last year has proven to be a groundbreaking with the completion of a coast to coast USA tour culminating at the 2014 San Francisco Folk Festival. With a inspiring showing at MusikFest 2014 in Bethlehem PA now behind him, Philips is seemingly making his mark on America’s folk scene. It’s no wonder as Philips’ voice, which earned him a spot on the NBC show “The Voice” combined with his prolific songwriting is seemingly a ray of hope in a world at war. 

Social Justice and Peace is Shane Philips’ latest release in two years and is a departure from his last three albums that were rooted deeply in traditional soul. Searching for something more, Philips decided to immerse himself into a community of folk artists and was able to focus his songwriting around stories that spoke to his life growing in a farm town and countless other events that would eventually shape his life as he traveled around the world. Philips eventually found himself at a piano in Nashville Tennessee where his roots in soul finally found convergence with the narrative he was searching for in folk music.

After the death of his father, Philips tumbled fast a furious into an abyss where he found himself heart broken from the breakup of a seven year relationship, bankrupt and in jail. The universe would eventually bale him out with a job that eventually proved more than a paycheck. It was the vocation of working with homeless youth not very much younger than him. Life experience would prove indispensable. Two years later Philips’ caught his wave to Africa where his travels would complete his father’s wish at the top of Kilimanjaro. Frostbite from that summit would not hold Philips back. He would return to North America with a sense of urgency. His music would have to be relevant to himself before anyone else. His Actions would have to speak louder than words. His “Walk For Water” would galvanize the spirit and at that moment Social Justice & Peace was born.

Social Justice and Peace does what it says. It speaks to ideas that used to unite the world but now divide us. Philips with a voice truly beyond his years tells a story that music of today rarely talks about. His message asks us to look inward and act outward with the idea that love is the universal fabric that holds humanity together.

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