Shane Piasecki

Shane Piasecki


"Live shows that mix a sense of humor and romanticism" (Graffiti)


Don't let the young looks fool you - Shane is a seasoned professional, having supported himself full-time as a working musician since age 18. Just turned 21, Shane recently relocated to Nashville, where he is attracting the interest of music publishers and engaging in co-write sessions with some of Music City's emerging talent. Nashville venues include Norm's River Roadhouse and Cadillac Ranch. Shane returns to Ohio on a regular basis for both solo and band dates.

As a solo acoustic performer, Shane's resume includes Lestat's West in San Diego, The Ark in Ann Arbor, The House of Blues in Cleveland, and Rockwood's Music Hall in NYC. He has shared bills with Patty Griffin, Minnie Driver and John Mayer, not to mention more pop-rock oriented acts such as Hanson and Hootie and The Blowfish.

Media described Shane Piasecki and his second album, “All for Coffee” as a combination of “great lyrics, tremendous melodies, and gifted vocals” (Mike McIntyre, WXKR 94.5FM); Others said that it was a “first-rate collection of songs, top-notch production values, and a consistent sense of purpose, with hints of Tracy Chapman slipped into the rhythmic vibe, spare arrangements and confessional songwriting style.” (Rod Lockwood, Toledo Blade.) Or, as the Toledo City Paper summed up, "Keep an eye on this lad." That disc reached number one on the Detroit Music Retail Collective chart, and peaked at number 19 on the national Alliance of Independent Media Stores sales chart.

Shane's latest release, a seven song EP titled "You're Here and I'm a Mess," was released in early '08. While prior recordings were folk oriented, the new EP explores a more pop-rock approach, and does so with an electric guitar indie-rock edge, thanks to Detroit producer Nolan Rossi.

This transition has been noted as "an impressive collection of songs that take Piasecki's earlier coffeehouse style of acoustic songs and rocks them up with a full band." (Toledo Blade) The mixture of folk sensibilities and more pop-rock production has been coined an "anodyne strut." (Americana UK) Sensing the potential, the seven songs have been referred to as "just a taste of what Piasecki can do." (Soul Shine Magazine) Demonstrating the music's diversity, the song "Money Girl" was described as perfect for the catalogue of indie rocker Jesse Malin. (Roots Time) Shane's live shows are noted for mixing "a sense of humor and romanticism." (Graffiti)

Shane is currently working with attorney/manager Larry Meyer, who also represents Chicago's eclectic roots and soul collective, JT & the Clouds; and with Poling Music Management. Booking inquiries can be directed to Tom Poling at 615-292-7913 or

More information is available at, and In advance, thanks for listening.


You're Here and I'm A Mess

Written By: Shane Piasecki

I'm trying to give you inches and you keep taking miles
If you'd just hang around me I could make it worth your while,

Cause I'm doing it in fashion and I'm singing it with style
But none of you can hear me
all you do it tune me out,

It's all gone
There's nothing left
Can you make this your last request
One last call
For one last regret
You're finally here and I'm a mess

I'm standing in the trenches
there's a party going on
There's a man who's selling potion
All I do is sing the songs
All I want is conversation,
not some typical cliche'
about how many packs you're smoking and
how many beers I've drank

It's all gone.....

It's getting Late
The crowd is slow,
You Know I need some place to go
Back to your house
We'll be alone
Lets have one more for the road
Cause it's all gone...

My Two Cents

Written By: Shane Piasecki

Throwing pennies in a wishing well
I think to myself,
If only you were here right now
I try to make believe
pretend you're here with me
If things aren't what they seem
we'll work it out

Come back any time you're ready
Cause I'm ready to be with you
I remember when you said-

If it ain't broke don't fix it
If it ain't gone don't miss it
If you believe it's love then don't let them change your mind
Try to find a deeper reason
Time will change to another season
Oh oh, on and on the story goes..

I go to the place where we used to meet
Do you ever go there too? Do you ever think of me?
We met on a hot summer day
it started to rain,
and water fell from the sky
and down your face,


(Bridge- unrecorded)
Cause I miss your smile,
I miss your kiss
I wonder, how'd it ever come to this,
There's no turning back
now that you're gone
I wish you'd come back home.....

So come back anytime, you're ready
Cause I'm ready to be with you
on and on the story goes

Let Me Let You Go

Written By: Shane Piasecki

I left California now I'm headed back
I took a wrong turn and I got off track
From where I need to be

Met her at a truck stop on hwy 10
she said she knew the way
so I let her in,
it felt good to have the company

It was good to have a friend
to help me on my way again,

So let me let you go
I tried to take it slow,
I never meant for this to happen,
She took a running start
She ran straight for my heart
I never meant for this to happen

Colorado was an up hill climb
we lost our step and we fell behind
we landed on the wrong side of the road,
We parted ways at the Delta shore
She kissed me like a soldier
who was headed to a war,
it felt good to lighten up my load


I'm sorry if it makes you sad when I leave,
I'm sorry but you need to know,
I never mean to hurt you
or to lose control

Only Backup Plan

Written By: Shane Piasecki

I lie awake
with sickness in my stomach
I like awak
all the world is sleeping now,
I can't escape these dreams in mind
I try and try so hard to find
a way in my heart to make them all come true somehow

If it's mean to be
I know it will be just fine,
but if I'm wrong this wouldn't be the first time

Monday Morning,
Without Warning Comes-
I'm under the gun,
If time betrays me
You could save me
Cause you're the only back up plan
I have

To all my friends
everyone adores me
To all my friends
I'm the lucky one
I know in time, I know in time
All my friends will pass me by,
they'll have families and jobs
and I'll be singing in the bars..

Monday morning, without warning comes
I'm under the gun
If time betrays me, you could save me
cause you're the only back up plan
I have

I'll endure another sleepless night,
rocking like a baby til' the morning light
comes, comes

Madison Leigh

Written By: Shane Piasecki

Madison Leigh, don't stay up too late
you've got a train to catch in the morning
She changes the channel on her television set, and
fumbles around with her hair

The next morning we crawl out of bed,
her suitcase still packed in the attic,
The cool rain is falling in
through the window she forgot to close
last night

I watch her smile
I see her sleep
Watch her return
from the places she dreams,
I caught her like a bad disease
but the winter will cure it

Five minutes before the train leaves the station
the captain yells for all boarding,
She gives me a kiss
and scratches my head,
turns around and hands her bags to the man

I watched the train as it rolled away
from the dock
as I stood there crying,
I got in my car, spent an hour at work,
cried some more
and told my boss that I had to leave

Cause I miss her smile
I see her sleep
watch her return from the places
she dreams
and I caught her like a bad disease
but the winter will cure it...

Madison, sweet Madison,
don't hold out on me,
I smell you in my clothes and
girl I taste you
when I eat
I'm like a blind man who is learning
to see for the first time

So Heal me with your tenderness,
Heal me with your kiss
My love for you is magic,
and your love for me is bliss
Won't you heal me, Oh heal me,

Cause I miss your smile
I see you sleep,
watch you return from the places you dream
And I caught you like a bad disease
but the winter will cure it..
Madison Leigh

I walked into your bedroom,
tried to turn on the fan
but broke the light switch that was hanging form your ceiling,

I took a shower and climbed into bed,
I smelled the pillows
and made believe that you were there


"All for coffee..." (LP:2004)
"Paris" (single:2005)
"You're Here and I'm A Mess" (EP:2008)

Set List

1 set: 60-90 minutes- All original material with 1-2 Covers
(Bar Set) 2-3 sets- 60 to 80 minutes each

Covers Include:
"Hey Jealousy" The Gin Blossoms
"Hard to Handle" Otis Redding/Black Crowes
"She Talks To Angels" The Black Crowes
"Broadway" Goo Goo Dolls
"Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard" Paul Simon
"Layla," "Cocaine,""Lay Down Sally,""Tears in Heaven"by Eric Clapton
"Walking In Memphis" Marc Cohn