Shane R

Shane R


A producer with a love for all good music, I try not to limit myself to any particular genre. I am especially skilled in electronic music but have written and produced many different styles of music.


This is the solo project of Shane Renew, 24, a procuder from South Africa. He had his first introduction to music at age 6, when he learned to play piano. At age 13 he began DJing, playing many styles from house to drum & bass. After high school he moved to Cape Town and became a label DJ and producer for Nexus Media DJ while studying an advanced course in sound engineering, majoring in production and arrangement. This has no doubt set a high standard for his production as he constantly pushes the boundaries of his sound and technical ability. With a number of international singles under his belt, a large portfolio of television commercial and film work, plus a debut album due for release in September, watch this space!


Fusion - V/A Midnight Storm 3 (Nexus Media)
Phase Me - V/A Sterio Nefaria (MMD Records)
Pad Slut - V/A Spontaneous Aerobics (Chuha)
Blackout - Organik Records