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Shane Shane

Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Band EDM Punk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Many Faces of Shane Shane"

Anyone who's been to a Screamin' Cyn Cyn And The Pons show knows about frontman Shane O'Neill's penchant for flamboyant, homemade stage costumes. (Plus—why gloss it over?—he's just a really nice dude.) Before opening up for Kitty Rhombus and Everthus The Deadbeats Thursday at The Frequency in his solo project Shane Shane, O'Neill sat at the bar decked out as a sailor—"a sexy sailor," he corrected—in a stretched-out undershirt and little white sailor hat with "SHANE" written all over it.

Shane Shane's 20-minute set featured just O'Neill, an iPod stocked with surprisingly good backing tracks, and a different cutout-face mask contraption to go with each tune. Let's start with the two that photographer Eric Baillies captures above: A huge yellow middle finger for a song about different kinds of lamed themed parties he's bored of ('80s dance party, etc.), and the word "BOOM!" to punctuate a beamingly gay come-on number in which he urged: "Work my wood just like Geppetto."

Of course, there was also a headdress that was just the word "SHANE"; another that put Disney's Snow White and Evil Queen on either side of his face; one that just said "FAG." But the best, by far, was the big orange-and-yellow sun cutout O'Neill wore as he began a song with a melodious, African-style chant that brilliantly parodied the opening number of another Disney flick, The Lion King. Not only was this fucking hysterical, it was also a pretty well-crafted tune. Like most of the set, it went beyond a mere celebration of tackiness, thanks to backing tracks with built-in vocal bits that live O'Neill would either harmonize or call-and-response with, and thoroughly fleshed-out, if short, song structures. In short, Shane Shane is the wonder that results when you give Shane yet another chance to, well, be Shane. - The Onion


Self-released demo now available. T-shirt release party for 10 original design happened on July 31, 2009



Shane Shane began in early 2009. Shane Shane parties like it's 2009. Nine and fine. Fine and nine.