Shane Shane

Shane Shane

 Madison, Wisconsin, USA

I wear homemade cardboard headdresses and dance around to original jams about gay sex, vanity, and the apocalypse.


Shane Shane began in early 2009. Shane Shane parties like it's 2009. Nine and fine. Fine and nine.


Dairy Queen

Written By: Shane Shane

Used to be you could touch my body that means you and him and, well, anybody but those days are done (those days are done). Nowadays there just ain't nobody excepting his and mine and it's just our bodies but we still have fun (they still have fun).

Cause I found a boyfriend who'll walk me down the aisle (when it's legal). And I found a boyfriend who makes my wenis smile.

And I've never felt like this about anyone before. My dick is not Mother Teresa anymore.

Used to be I'd need coke and poppers and restraints and ropes and rubber stoppers to put inside my bum (to make him come). But now my vices are just shakes and whoppers and the strangest thing I wear is just flipper floppers and that's only if I'm walking down the beach in the summer sun.

Cause I found a boyfriend with laughter in his eyes (when he's laughing) and he doesn't like the look of chaps about my thighs.

And I've never felt like this about anyone before. My ass is not a soup kitchen anymore.

Our sex life is so ordinary: very very missionary. I'm on bottom, he's on top, and I'm on top of the world.

I've never felt like this about anyone before. My rectum's not Section 8 housing anymore.


Written By: Shane Shane

All you fags in the hood eat my ass really good. All you faggots in gay ghettos work my wood just like Geopetto. All you fags on the farm you can fist me to your arm. All you fags in midsize cities you can suck up on these titties.

There's some 'mos in this house!

New Day

Written By: Shane Shane

Barack Obama-lama ding dong doubledy-crunch I see a burger wearing pantyhose and eat it for lunch. I'm turning over new leaves like I'm reading the Tarot. My future's clear and sweet like a bottle of Karo.

The dawn is breaking on a new day. The dawn is breaking on a new man. The dawn is breaking on a new day, man.

Un deux trois la fete c'est moi!


Written By: Shane Shane

I learned the truth at 17 that love was meant for beauty queens. That's why I get more dick than a row of seventh-inning ballpark urinals. Cause I was born with perfect genes. I guess that's why so many tweens use my image and likeness for their icons on their Livejournals.

Because I'm pretty. Pretty.

I bet you wish you were pretty, too, so you could do the things that I get to do like cut in line and have sex for days. I just roll my eyes when the feminists theorize about the so-called "male gaze."

Cause they ain't pretty. Not pretty.

In the middle of the night don't turn off the light or how on earth will you ever know just how pretty I can be? Your girlfriend ain't got shit on me or you'd be at home with that silly ho.


Self-released demo now available. T-shirt release party for 10 original design happened on July 31, 2009