Shane Sweeney

Shane Sweeney


Acoustic/Ambient/Dreamscapes /Celtic We all met through me actively searching for a band. I didn't know what I wanted at first, you know? It was kinda like if I came across an oboe player or violinist that I clicked with then cool.


Young man learns to play Dads guitar and learns that this can help him find meaning and relate to people. He finds to his surprise this can help him with girl problem. He tries harder to be good and develops a huge passion and love for music.

Life changes - joins band as guitar player when school finishes and scores top 30 single hit with now forgotten band. Disillusionment follows and a band break up citing "musical differences" . Young man finds he gets more attention singing than playing guitar only. Young man is now a singer. He finds that catchy hooks like "La La La" help people remember songs. Young man builds own recording studio and disappears to Aussie/Kiwi house in London amidst confusion about compression, the importance of pre-amps and why anyone would think Midnight Oil or OMC are the best band in the world.
Young man re-appears with the knowledge that the only important thing is a great song. He realises that in the end its all for nothing if you don't live everyday and have amazing people around him. People around him get annoyed by such boringly hippy statements. Young man hates hoovering.
Young man wants to be like Christy Moore and tries to sing in Kildare accent. He discovers trying to sing in “own accent” sounds like Tom Cruise in Far and Away.... deciding then to sing and see what comes out. Young man watches telly and plays “You are always on my mind” over some chords after seeing Willy Nelson in Shepherds Bush.Young man cheaply steals this sentiment for own song and cleverly calls it “Always on my Mind”. Young man reminisces on time when his dad advised him to be original if he was gonna learn guitar.

He avoids misspent years playing Livin on a Prayer in Kildare pubs. Johnny Cash dies - leaves him feeling of real sadness at celebrity death for first time. Big movie then made of man in black. Young man surrounds himself with very talented musicians and tries to forge life out of singing songs. Anything to avoid the hoovering.


Top 30 Irish Hit

Always on my Mind - Sept 2005

Set List

All originals
Upbeat acoustic with a celtic flair. We can carry off a great gig in any venue even if nobody has heard our music.
We have a list of 25 songs we can draw from from the very powerful to the subtle and have played to upto 20,000 people and to 200 people being very comfortable at both.