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Vacate My Life

Written By: Shane Mussche

(I)You can leave take whatever you want.
Don't reconsider and please don't stop.
(IV)We're through, I'm done with you.
(I)I don't care to hear your excuse.
(V)It's time, for (IV)you, to vacate my life.
(I)I can't take your trouble no more. I can't handle you being a bore.
(IV)It's true, we're finally through.
(I) I'm done playing your fool.
(V) It's time, (IV)for your you, to vacate my life.
(I)Saw you sitting there with my friend.
Kissing him and holding hands.
(IV)You said, you'd always be true.
(I) Now look what I caught you doin
(V)It's time, for you,(IV) to vacate my life.