Shane Yellowbird

Shane Yellowbird


When a speech therapist suggested Yellowbird sing to assist his stuttering no one expected this real life cowboy to win so many hearts. Yellowbird brings a stellar upbeat positive composition to the country scene, singing what’s true to his heart and inspiring others to embrace their obstacles.


With his video for the song, “Beautiful Concept,” heating up the airwaves at
CMT Canada and the song on radio across the country, Alberta’s Shane
Yellowbird is proving to be one of Canadian country music’s brightest upand-
comers. Growing up in Hobbema and Ponoka, AB, Yellowbird, who is
Cree, was a typical cowboy. His parents participated in the rodeo circuit and
their son learned early on to rope and ride, fully embracing the cowboy
lifestyle and accepting that it would one day be his future.
A strange twist of circumstances, however, put Yellowbird on the country
music path. Born with a speech impediment, he began seeing a speech
therapist as a child who suggested that he try and hum and sing his
sentences to help him speak clearly. The technique proved successful and
also instilled a budding love of music in Yellowbird.
It wasn’t until he was 21 that his love of singing became more than just
therapy, when he competed in a karaoke contest and, much to his surprise,
won. With a newfound confidence about his performing abilities,
Yellowbird continued to perform in karaoke and other singing competitions
until he won the Canadian Finals Rodeo and Big Valley Jamboree
competitions. Impressed by the strapping cowboy’s voice, Canadian-based
O’Reilly International Entertainment Management took interest and started
to develop Yellowbird’s debut album. When they discovered his story, their
interest was even more piqued.
“Here was this singer who had it all. He had the great voice, the look, the
rodeo background, we were curious about why he had started his career so
late,” says O’Reilly International President, Louis O’Reilly. “When we
talked to Shane about his speech impediment and realized what he had
overcome to achieve this career, we knew he had the drive and
determination you need in this industry.”
The company, who also handle established Canadian country artists Brad
Johner and Patricia Conroy, quickly began work on Yellowbird’s album
and released the single “Beautiful Concept” to CMT Canada and radio. The
reception has been overwhelmingly positive with Shane quickly signing a
deal with 306 Records (Navarre Canada/Universal Music Canada), and his
recent performance at the 2005 Canadian Country Music Week industry
awards further solidified the positive buzz about this new artist.

Still an avid horseman who competes in calf-roping competitions and breaks horses,
Yellowbird, a proud Native Canadian, feels the cowboy lifestyle is in his blood.
“This is truly who I am,” he says. “I’m not someone who just puts on the hat and goes out
to do a show. I live the country lifestyle every day and I’m proud of that. I think there are
a lot of people across North America who really relate to that part of my personality.”
With his album, Life is Calling My Name, set for release in 2006, Yellowbird is currently
on tour in western Canada, with plans to tour the rest of the country. “It’s been a strange
journey to get here,” he admits, “but I feel so lucky to have this opportunity. Hopefully, I
will be able to inspire others to realize their dreams no matter what the odds are.”
Career Highlights
•Performance at National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation Awards (2006)
•Mainstage at the Canadian Aboriginal Festival (2005)
•CCMA Industry Awards Luncheon (2005)
•Big Valley Jamboree (2002)
•Ponoka Stampede (2002)
•Canadian Finals Rodeo
•Country Vocal Spotlight (2002)
•Miss Rodeo Canada Pageant (2002)
•Say Hay Benefit Concert, Killam, Alberta (2002)
•Finalist for Calgary Stampede (2002)
•Ponoka Stampede Finalist (2002)
•INFR Pro Rodeo, Palm Springs, CA. (2002)
•Native Youth Conference, Hilo, Hawaii (2000)


Beautiful Concept
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