Shane Zack

Shane Zack


"Incomparable to any contemporary singer, Zack’s emotive range is absolutely stunning, switching from a compelling yell to a fragile whisper in the blink of an eye."


Setting himself apart from acoustic performers that flood the country is what Shane does best. Captivating audiences with his heart-piercing vocals and contagiously energetic performances, Shane leaves listeners with a lasting impression. Shane’s music is best described as passionately melodic rock and roll.

Born in Chicago, Shane Zack found his love for performing and carried it with him to San Francisco, where he earned street credit playing on downtown avenues. After cutting his teeth in his college band “Trifecta,” Shane hit the Philadelphia music scene.

Not only an acoustic performer, Shane, was also the founder, lead vocalist, and songwriter for the original rock band “Scarred Rose.” The band was frequently showcased on Philadelphia’s former alternative rock radio station, Y100, and received airplay on several college radio stations. During his time with Scarred Rose, Shane experienced success on local and regional levels.

Philadelphia has proven to be very receptive to Shane’s unique style of music. His sound blends the power of Guns N' Roses with the passion of U2 and The Verve to mold a personal sound that is now considered one of a kind.

Shane’s solo career has led to the release of his debut album, “Ignorance and Innocence.” A provocative album that explores a range of emotions, intimate and personal, the album showcases Shane's fiery voice and passionate songwriting.

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Lost in Your Glory

Written By: Shane Zack

Was it her life, was it the way she loved me?
We can’t choose when we can’t ask why.
Was it the time, the times in my life when she held me?
Or was it the ones she left behind?

Well I feel, that I’m lost in your glory,
And I feel so alive (X2)

Unconscious and vain, I choked on the rain as I looked to,
Looked to the sky to call your name.
I made a choice, I took the road too dark to see,
Your comforting light went out on me.

So here we are, face to face, but alone now,
You feel so close I can taste your tears.
And so here we are, held captive by the good years,
I have to let go and face my fears…alone.


Written By: Shane Zack/Lyrics Stoner/Music

That’s how you left me,
In the pouring rain with a tear in my eye.
Cast out of paradise, our Eden was lost when I learned of the other guy.

I know it hurts to say,
That we had our fun, it was time, go our separate ways.
So here I am standing
With a broken heart but a smile on my face.

I woke from a dream that I thought was so real.
This pain in my pride, not my heart is what I feel.

And hearing I love you,
From your lips makes me laugh when I think back today.
Flew higher than Icaris,
Just to crash to the ground with your blond hair in flames.

But you gave it all away, gave it all away,
Just a pawn in your game I didn’t know we played.
So now I should thank you,
For teaching me to play this way.


Newly Released Debut Solo Album “Ignorance and Innocence.”

Scarred Rose EP recorded with Grammy associated Phil Nicolo.

Set List

Shane performs all songs from his debut solo album "Ignorance and Innocence.” The album’s most distinguished songs; perhaps because they translate so brilliantly to Shane's live repertoire, are Sins of One and Lost in Your Glory. Most frequently requested during live performances are Just When You Thought, Closure, and Falling Down.

Sample list of Cover Songs

-Bittersweet Symphony, Space In Time, Lucky Man (The Verve)
-Patience (GNR)
-Dead or Alive, Blaze of Glory (Bon Jovi)
-Sympathy for the Devil, Can’t Always Get What You Want (Rolling Stones)
-Southern Cross (Crosby Stills…)
-Elderly Woman, Yellow Ledbetter (Pearl Jam)
-Desire, Still Haven’t Found (U2)
-Jimmy Olson’s Blues (Spin Doctors)
-Feel like Makin Love (Bad Company)
-Colorful (The Verve Pipe)
-Every Rose has its Thorn (Poison)
-Plush (Stone Temple Pilots)
-Take A Picture (Filter)
-Ripple (Grateful Dead)
-Live Forever (Oasis)
-Beautiful People (Rusted Root)
-Mary Jane (Alanis Morissette)
-Story of My L