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Shanghai 5


Like a tiny circus, Shanghai 5 fuses jazz, rock, and electronica to create a unique mood. Shanghai 5 has been featured on the iTunes main page, the 2006/7 PBS series 'Roadtrip Nation', and reached #39 on the CMJ college radio chart.


Like a tiny circus, Shanghai 5 fuses jazz, rock, and electronica to create a unique mood. Shanghai 5 is quickly becoming known for their sometimes dark, whimsical, and beautiful songs. They often match the performance with wild and fantastic variety shows, including, one-man bands, feats of strength, theatrical drama, politics, comedy, and film. The band has 30+ original songs, as well as reinventing songs from Billie Holliday, Velvet Underground, Chet Baker, SunRa, The Cars, and Kraftwerk.
Shanghai 5's sense of adventure has landed them in the KROQ studios, playing live at the Flamigo Hotel-Vegas with George Wallace, interviewing actor Micheal Madsen for PBS 'Roadtrip Nation', and in the middle of Mardi-Gras at the 06 'One Eyed Ball'. They also enjoy a laid back jazz set, accompanied by a few dry martinis.

Shanghai 5 has played events ranging from big rock clubs and music festivals, to college radio and museums. The band has shared the stage with Erykah Badu, Black Angels,The Coup, Cloud Cult, Alex Jones, Four Tet, and the White Ghost Shivers.

Shanghai 5 has toured supporting their last record and iTunes release. The debut LP (Under a Tent, Under the Full Moon) is featured on the iTunes splash page ‘Alt’ section. Very rare for a freshman indie release.
Apple has invited Shanghai 5 to play Apple Stores, mixing a live performance and demonstration, showing how the record was made.

Team Clermont (The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, White Stripes, Wilco, REM) handled a 300 station radio release. Shanghai 5 charted 18th best radio 'add' on CMJ, and made rotation in 42 college markets.

PBS ‘Roadtrip Nation’ has selected Shanghai 5 to be a 'team’ on the documentary travelogue. They interviewed people doing amazing things in education, entertainment, and art, as well as document various characters on the tour. It was a daring challenge for the band to shoot, write, coordinate, and then perform a show.
PBS 'Roadtrip Nation' is currently airing 3 songs on the program.

Shanghai 5 won a 2007 Dallas Observer Music Award for 'Best Jazz'.

Presskit website ‘SonicBids’ has honored Shanghai 5 with the ‘Spotlight’ feature.


Under a Tent, Under the Full Moon, LP
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Set List

Shanghai 5 has 20+ originals, and revamps of The Cars, SunRa, Edith Piaf, Billie Holiday, and much more...